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Poor weight gain

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jellybrains Thu 21-Aug-08 22:16:26

My dd is 7 months old and her weight gain has always been pretty poor, she was born 6lb 7oz and is now 12lb 15oz. We have been referred to the hosptial to see a specialist, she is a thriving baby, she eats a good breakfast, 2 course lunch and tea but is not that fussed about milk. She has 2 pathetic breast feeds morning and night and one bottle in the afternoon and I am lucky if she gets past 4oz. I am worried about what they will do and also if I am missing anything. Has anyone else got any info or been in this situation?

thisisyesterday Thu 21-Aug-08 22:20:45

has her weight risen steadily, if slowly? ie, has she stayed roughly around the same centile, or has she been dropping?

tbh, if she is happy, healthy, alert, meeting developmental milestones I wouldn't be particularly worried.
some babies have to be small. there's gotta be someone on the bottom of the chart, so to speak.

Dalrymps Thu 21-Aug-08 22:37:21

My ds has never been that bothered about milk. Weighed 15lb at 9 months. Have seen the paediatrician, he weighed him and checked him out and said he seemed ok and is in proportion and he has no major concerns. Got another check up at the end of sept to see how he is going.
Saw the dietician too and she thought heis diet was fine but as he WON'T drink over a certain amount of milk, no matter what we do she prescribed some high calorie milk to build him up a bit short term. He is 9th centile for height but 0.4th for weight (or at least he was at that appointment). It seems to be working a bit, he gained 1lb 2 and a half oz in 4 weeks at last weigh in but has had a stomach bug since then so progress has been put back a bit. Got another check up with her in sept too.

The hv IME wern't that helpfull, just kept saying to try to get him to drink more milk, I had tried EVERYTHING! I was relieved to be refered to the paed casue at least I could say to her that the paed said he was pk so to get off my back!

I wouldn't worry, the specialist isn't trying to catch you out or find something you're doing wrong IME, they're just checking everything is ok and maybe will make some helpfull suggestions. HTH

jellybrains Fri 22-Aug-08 23:57:05

she gradually dropped 2 centiles but she puts on a bout 2 oz per week. Am fed up with taking her to clinic every week as I feel that they just cross examine me, came out the other week and burst into tears so maybe seeing the paed will help. She eats so well though much better than my friends's dd who is the same age.

Dalrymps Sat 23-Aug-08 09:21:52

I found seeing the paed a lot of help. I was also getting very stressed out with th weigh ins. Now I take him once a month and thats it. Hope it goes ok, your dd sounds like shes doing great to me!

sarah293 Sat 23-Aug-08 09:35:31

Message withdrawn

trace2 Sat 23-Aug-08 09:38:21

sorry can not help, dd is 14 1/2 m and still only 15lb 150z we get weighted every two weeks hope you get some asnswers soon its a worry

thisisyesterday Sat 23-Aug-08 20:17:43

jellybrains if all she has done is gone down 2 centiles I really, really wouldn't be worried.

I think that if a baby is gaining evenly, and then suddenly has a BIG drop then it's something to worry about.

your dd has been gaining, slowly but steadily. it's normal to have a bit of variation from the centile she started on and really 2 centiles is nothing.

foxythesnowfox Sat 23-Aug-08 20:25:51

There's loads of support on here for slow/no weight gain. My LO was 'failing to thrive' as they said (My arse, I said). The paed examined her, said there was nothing wrong. So try not to worry, it could be a good thing. I haven't been back to have her weighed since BTW.

I suppose the HVs are doing their job. Trouble is, not very well. For weeks they were saying "fine, fine, fine" then suddenly, "Quick, give her Aptimil" (Don't know why they suggested a brand rather than 'formula').

Anyway, another lady on the same PN thread as me had the same problems and was told "don't weigh every week". End of.

You seem happy enough with her development, and that counts for SO much. smile

jellybrains Sat 23-Aug-08 21:43:28

Thanks all of you had made me feel much better grin

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