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haha the joys of BLW - at nearly 15 months old........

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FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 16:12:30

took the DS's to Morrisons for lunch - DS3 had decided he wasn't having a nap - so despite already having had lunch earlier (at "normal" lunchtime) I bought him some sliced apple, a piece of battenburg cake blush) and a yoghurt.

First of all he had a go at the apple - sat there munching away quite happily. The couple sat behind us (facing him) thought it was wonderful this little boy eating apple all on his own..........then he decided he'd had enough chewing on apple turned his head to one side and spat it all out down the side of the highchair blush grin

Then we had a go at the yoghurt, at home I'll usually let him do it on his own, but as we were out and about, I had no bib for him, no wipes on hand and was completely unprepared for such things I fed half of it to him with the spoon. Then that simply wasn't good enough - so after making a makeshift "bib" from paper napkins lol - the yoghurt and spoon were handed over.

He was actually remarkably clean and tidy (now why can't he eat like that at home????) but at times did the usualy 14/15 month old thing of sitting there - yoghurt on spoon, in mid-air day-dreaming - got lots of looks and talking (which I could hear) about "that baby being left to feed himself" - but in actual fact in between the day-dreaming was dipping the spoon in and eating what was on it when it came out again.

..........unfortuantely after 1/2hr of waiting for him to finish eating his yoghurt I really had to get going (we'd finished and were waiting for him) so I gave him a clean spoon and sat him back in the pushchair - to complete tantrums.

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