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13month old - very hungry, what do you feed yours??

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mamachat Thu 21-Aug-08 16:11:24

I am currently weaning 13month old dd off the breast during the day and as a result she is very very hungry.

Mornings she eats 3/4 to 1 weetabix.

Then maybe a youghart.

Lunch large portion of mash and veg, followed by youghart.

Then sometimes a second lunch with more veg and mash.

Dinner pasta with veg...

Snacks on baby no junk crisps or crackers.

I need some ideas of what to feed her as she is very fussy and very hungry, the problem I have is that there are not many foods I can feed her when out and about.

How much and how often does your 13month old eat? As dd get really cranky when hungry, I think maybe she needs to be fed every 2 or 3 hours...

mamachat Thu 21-Aug-08 22:17:52

Anyone got any good recipies?

mmelody Fri 22-Aug-08 13:55:30

My 13 month DS is always hungry and we feed him every 2 hours or so. Avacados and bananas with rice cakes are good for out and about. Or lightly steamed apple with cinnamon and sultanas in a lunch box is always a favourite. Plain old bread and margerine with marmite or fruit spread. smile

mamachat Fri 22-Aug-08 22:10:39

my dd does not eat sandwiches at the mo, but i will have to keep trying...

I feel that she probably does need toeat every 2hours, hard work to make enough food with lots of varity...

mmelody Sat 23-Aug-08 09:44:26

I am very lucky in that my DS will eat anything that is offered most of the time. Have you tried a mild curry or chilli with the mash.. can pack it full of pulses and lentils. Or add lentils with the mash for extra protein and vits.. We eat a mostly vegan diet so I know what you mean about getting enough variety. I rely on homemade fruitcake or fresh fruit or rice cakes for snacks.

meep Sat 23-Aug-08 09:49:38

My 13mo isn't a huge eater but likes to snack. A large box of raisins works well when we're out and about - lasts a long time and she loves getting them out of the box!

A friend of mine recommened puff pastry. Roll it out and fill it with whatever you fancy - bolognaise, lentil curry (use Ella's indian sauce!), cheese & spinach, fruit etc. Easy to carry about with you for a snack.

mamachat - maybe try your dd on some meat - that might fill her up? Also lots of water - i try dd on water if she's showing signs of hunger and sometimes that is all she wants

DS is the same age and having been eating next to nothing a fortnight ago has suddenly developed an endless appetite hmm

He has a breakfast on waking at 6ish then something else after his first nap, around 10. He then has lunch at some point before the next nap, and dinner, and snacks every couple of hours inbetween and before bed. He gets cows milk from a cup with his snacks, which also helps with his hunger I think.

Good snacky things are ricecakes, oatcakes, Cheerios, raisins, dried fruit, toast, sweetcorn and peas, bananas, cheese. Anything really.

I think we get on better when we put our ideas of "three meals" out the window and feed him to appetite. Also, he eats better if he's pottering around and eating as he goes than if he's stuck in the high chair. I think he eats best when he's getting what we're eating and we're all sitting down together. He's recently been loving strong flavours like fajitas, enchiladas, curry, chilli and anything with loads of garlic

PiusIX Sat 23-Aug-08 10:23:49

We have 12 month old twins and typically feed them:

- Breakfast - Weetabix and yogurt

- Lunch - Something from a jar, usually pasta plus more yogurt

- Dinner - Something home-cooked, usually from Annabel Karmel book (lots of meat and veg, pasta, rice, stew, lentils, fish cakes, etc. etc.) They seem to gobble it all up without discrimination. Make faces at some rougher textured things but eat it all anyway

In between mealtimes, they have three cow's milk feeds and sometimes a snack to go with it. Could be anything at all, but toast seems to be current favourite. If they see us eating anything at all, they want to eat it too.

They seem totally omnivorous. Recognise this is probably tempting fate...

Bumperlicious Sat 23-Aug-08 10:34:37

What about sticks of cheese, or cheese straws, pitta bread pizza for taking out and about. We have one of these for snacks out and about.

What you are feeding her sounds fine, though no fruit? DD loves fruit. We just give her a whole pear or peach, keeps her amused for ages (would recommend sticking her in a high chair though, or else you find little patches of pear everywhere!). Blueberries are great snacks, strawberries, banana great for on the go.

mamachat Sat 23-Aug-08 22:31:52

Thanks for the ideas... DD does not eat fruit at the moment but I keep trying her with it all the time. She has just started eating bananas so I'm happy about that...

ruddynorah Tue 26-Aug-08 15:42:17

does she have any protein? meat/fish/pulses?

wzmo Tue 26-Aug-08 18:10:06

my almost 13 month old eats for breakfast. Peanut butter toast/cottage cheese/yougurt drink/blueberries/oatmeal/glass of milk. ( a mix of a few of these things ) snacks string cheese/whole wheat crackers/fruit crisps/organic toaster pasterys/huumus/wheat wraps/cut tomatoes/whole wheat roll/veggie sticks. lunch or dinner mac and cheese/steamed spinach w/nutitional yeast/pam cheese/spagetti stars/steamed beets/tofu/tempeh/eggroll/avocado/guac/brown rice/cooked zuccini/ baby corn/black beans/steamed string beans/quesidilla/oven baked sweet potatoe fries. The list goes on and on, my little one eats ALL the time also and is weaning and i am shocked at the food that she eats and i also dont want to just be feeding her crackers all the time but we have had to get some "snacky" food at the health food store which is a life saver to have on hand!

mamachat Wed 27-Aug-08 23:06:21

i sneak chicken or fish into her veggie mixture, only small bits as that is all she will eat...

mamachat Wed 27-Aug-08 23:07:16

wzmo - gosh you are sooo lucky your dd eats so much healthy food and a large varity...

Clary Wed 27-Aug-08 23:14:47

Have you tried giving her a fruit snack - a banana, slices of apple, peeles satsuma, halved grapes etc etc?

Would give her a slow-release sugar rush and be yummy. What you give her is all good but I would add in some fruit. I think it's fine to let her eat every 2-3 hours.

I like doing that myself smile

<reads thread> Oh I see she doesn't like fruit. Have you tried strawberries, raspberries, kiwi sliced ripe peach? (what's not to like?)

Yes agree where is the protein? She can eat anything except shellfish by 13mo so give her sliced cheese, hard-boiled egg, colkd chicken as finger food.

wzmo Thu 28-Aug-08 15:37:17

sometimes w/ fruit she will sort of turn away but if i keep gently trying or lightly touch it to her lips she will not stop eating it, not sure if maybe there is not much smell to it or what but it does take a min. then i cant get her to stop!

mamachat Thu 28-Aug-08 23:20:42

I do keep trying her with a little of what ever fruit I am eating..

Also I sneak a little fish into her food, or chicken but she spits it out...

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