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Gagging on lumps - how long might this go on?

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pinkdelight Thu 21-Aug-08 08:48:03

Sorry for the crudeness, but when did your baby stop throwing up cos of lumps in food? My ds is 10-months-old and still has to have everything totally pureed. We keep trying him on rusks, rice cakes, banana, cucumber, toast, all manner of finger foods, but after a few tentative chews, the gag face happens and before you know it - puke! It really puts me off persevering and I'm wondering if I should just stop trying for now and that maybe some babies can't cope with proper solids till much later - after 12 months maybe? Is that so? I can't help thinking that the 7months+ label on the lumpy foods are misleading me and that might be an absolute minimum.

BeachBunni Thu 21-Aug-08 11:46:51

It sounds like he's just got used to things being totally pureed. We started introducing lumps after about two weeks of pureeing and never really had any problem and on the very odd occassion I've had to buy a jar in a rush I find them too runny. Have you maybe tried finely grating something into his pureed food and maybe get him gradually used to the lumps being there? Or adding a little pasta cut up tiny into his food as it's lumpy but soft. I can totally sympathise with the finger foods though as my ds gags and pukes all the time but I think it's more he's trying to shove too much into his mouth. I would just keep perserving as the gag reflex is totally normal, he'll get the hang of it eventually.

Aitch Thu 21-Aug-08 11:59:43

some kids do have a terribly sensitive gag reflex, but it does move back with time and with continued exposure to solids... what a total, utter, pain in the arse though if he's just being sick all the time. hmmm, i suppose i'd persevere, maybe concentrating on finger foods? but then i would say that, as i don't have any experience of purees... hope you get some advice that's useful from somewhere. smile

PS the rather crude proof of the pudding re. the gag reflex being trained by exposure to objects in the mouth area... er... ladies who make durty fillums... iykwim? wink

pinkdelight Thu 21-Aug-08 12:42:05

See what you mean, Aitch! Bet you wouldn't get that advice in any baby books! But very helpful nontheless. Sounds like I should keep trying and just keep cleaning up after him. Good idea to cut the pasta up too. Even the baby pasta is way too big for him for now.

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