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Forks for BLW

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Sullwah Wed 20-Aug-08 15:30:21

ok - so doing a bit of puree and BLW with my twin 6 MO boys.

We are now on day 4!!

Yesterday I put a chunk of melon on a fork and gave it to them (me holding the fork - them sucking the melon).

They loved it - but soon grabbed hold of the fork and started sucking the melon on their own. Fanastic to watch. Did the same today with banana before it just disintegrated and I mushed it up for them.

Anyhow - I was a bit concerned about the sharpness of the prongs when the food disintegrated - sure its an accident waiting to happen.

Anyone know of any "baby-friendly" forks?

LittleMyDancingForJoy Wed 20-Aug-08 15:36:06

boots sell good children's cutlery with blunt prongs and nice rubber handles so easy to hold.

chloemegjess Wed 20-Aug-08 17:38:35

Poundland do a big pack of spoons and forks. I hadnt thought of a use for the forks yet - but you have just given me the idea! You get about 10 spoons amd 10 forks, all different colours plastic. Poundland is fab for weaning stuff.

katylou25 Wed 20-Aug-08 18:16:46

or Ikea for a big pack of plastic cutlery for a pound

Sullwah Wed 20-Aug-08 19:39:51

Fanastic - thanks all.

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