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yay 24 weeks :)

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MerlinsBeard Mon 18-Aug-08 13:00:28

My trials with bf are well documented on here (as bluedragonfly mostly!) but it occured to me today that DS3 is 24 weeks and has only had the occasional bottle (formula or ebm where i have been able to express enough)

He still feeds every 2 hours day and night and i am still bloody knackered but i made it to 24 weeks!!! YAY me

he is deffo ready for weaning seeing as how he stole my apple and gummed it to death and smushed banana into his face before realising he doesn't actually like it (the look on his face was soooooo funny!!) so in the next couple of weeks (ie when his high chair arrives!) i shall be half BLW and half puree ing...oh the memories of stained bibs and the MESS!!!

Have posted this twice as it has 2 homes

DillyTanty Mon 18-Aug-08 13:13:22

yay you! grin bloody well done.

OldieButGoldie Mon 18-Aug-08 15:07:28

Well done you!!

I am in a similar situation, DS was 22 weeks yesterday and I am bfeeding him constantly day and night. I spend my whole time going 'left, right, left, right, left....'

We are also highchair and bibs at the ready. I feel like I'm crossing the line at the Olympics grin

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