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How old was your dc when you started weaning?

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lauraloola Fri 15-Aug-08 17:56:49

Hi, I was just wondering when everyone starting weaning their dc and how you knew they were ready?

Brownhare Fri 15-Aug-08 18:09:14

I have just started weaning dd aged nearly 5 months. She was starting to grab at food and interested in what we were putting in our mouth and so i thought i'd just give it a go with some baby rice and she just went for it. Got the hang of the spoon pretty quickly, too.
I think if they still have the tongue reflex, i.e put it out as if they were going to latch on then it's a sign they're not quite ready yet.
She's only getting very small amounts once a day at the mo but seems to be enjoying it so far.

MrsJamin Sat 16-Aug-08 08:20:29

DS turned 6 months, that's how I knew! Many of the 'ready signs' are complete myths.

Habbibu Sat 16-Aug-08 09:15:22

6 months - she was sitting unaided, had lost tongue thrust reflex, could pick up, chew and swallow things like broccoli florets, sticks of courgette, etc.

hercules1 Sat 16-Aug-08 09:59:11

just after 6 months with dd. Most of the signs are myths as already stated apart from the ones Habbibu said.

lauraloola Sat 16-Aug-08 11:39:20

Thanks everyone. My dd has started having bottle sometimes every 2 hours instead of her usual 4/5 and has started putting her fists in her mouth. My older relatives are telling that I should try her with some baby rice - She is 9 weeks old! I have read that you can start from 4 months but I will wait until dd is older x

MrsJamin Sat 16-Aug-08 13:21:30

Well done lauraloola, for sticking to your guns. The weaning guidelines are very different now to those your older relatives know because research was done and found that babies' stomachs couldn't properly absorb food until their guts had 'sealed' - this happens some time between 4 months and 6 months so the guidelines say to wait until 6 months just to make sure they will not have future digestive problems. Milk is all your DD needs until 6 months. The tough bit is explaining this to your relatives!

Your DD might be having a growth spurt and putting her fists in her mouth might be just a fun game for her, or it might be the start of teething (which can happen at any age, she's not too young).

ilovemydog Sat 16-Aug-08 13:25:20

DD was 6 months when she weaned but DS is a few weeks short of 6 months, and isn't ready. He grabs for food, but he grabs other things too.

He just isn't interested, so will try again in a few weeks...

CvQ Sat 16-Aug-08 13:36:24

mine was 7 months and now eats like a trucker at nearly 9 months.infact he will be 9 months tomorrowshock

charchargabor Sat 16-Aug-08 14:24:00

Mine was 6 months, and I knew she was ready because she picked it up and fed it to herself! smile

StellaWasADiver Sat 16-Aug-08 14:27:11

9 weeks? shock

She is probably having a little growth spurt, you're doing the best thing by giving her more milk whenever she is hungry, it will probably calm down in a few days.

6 months is the best time to start as you can be sure you're not increasing the risk of allergies later on in life.

lauraloola Sat 16-Aug-08 15:33:37

Thanks guys. I did wonder about teething as she has started to dribble a lot aswell. I have felt her gums but they feel very hard so Im not too sure. I will see how she gets on x

StellaWasADiver Sat 16-Aug-08 19:19:41

Could be, Laura, my DS had teething symptoms from about 10 weeks - but it was 7 months before we saw one finally peep through!

princessglitter Sat 16-Aug-08 19:27:23

26 weeks.

constancereader Sat 16-Aug-08 19:34:58

26 weeks
If he seemed hungry I gave him more milk.
It was much easier than feeding actual food!
I waited because I don't have x ray vision and couldn't see inside his gut and tell if he was ready or not grin

Reesie Sat 16-Aug-08 21:11:20

6 months

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