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What food when?

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Zeeky Wed 13-Aug-08 18:00:34

DS is nearly 1 and currently eats the following:

7am wakes up

7.30am 7oz bottle of milk

9am Breakfast - ready brek/wheatabix, toast & fruit (only eats a little of each)

12pm Lunch - usually main meal e.g. pasta & meatballs or chicken casserole etc followed by fruit or yoghurt

2.30pm 7oz bottle of milk (but dropping this from today)

3.30pm Snack if we are out or at someone's house - breadsticks/rice cake/biscuit

5pm Supper - beans on toast/sandwiches/fishfingers/fish cakes etc followed by fruit or yogurt

7pm 7oz bottle of milk before bed

He doesn't eat much of any of the above. For the last couple of weeks he was eating really well and put on lots of weight but has ow reverted to not eating much (must have been a growth spurt).

My question is, should he still be having milk from a bottle first thing in the morning and last thing at night, or should I merge the milk with breakfast and supper and from a cup, and give breakfast soon ater waking up?

I'm having a problem getting him to drink much from a cup. He will drink loads of water from a bottle at each meal time (8oz), but when offered a beaker instead he will only have a couple of mouthfuls. I'm trying to resist offering him water from the bottle, but don't want him to get dehydrated, as in the past he has suffered from constipation when he has cut back on water!

All his peers seem to quite happily drink both milk and water from beakers.


zsos Thu 14-Aug-08 03:12:24

my LO is 1 also and starting to wean, what i have noticed is when i let her nurse in the morning then she will not eat breakfast. so i would drop morning first, then after 1 week try to drop another feeding. Also i would try snacks ALL day, when i write down what LO eats i am amazed. I would still do breakfast, lunch dinner, for routine but keep snacks coming all day. LO never took a bottle not crazy about sippy cups but love cups w/ straws. GOOD LUCK!

Pheebe Thu 14-Aug-08 17:34:17

Going to disagree with that if he's already ff...why the rush to cut down his milk? I'd leave him with a steady 3 or 4 milk feeds a day and work his meals round that.

DS1 was 18 months or so before he'd take anything from a beaker. Leave him with his bottle for all drinks for a bit (obviously don't leave him to sip from it all day just offer it with meals) and try again in a month or two. Straws are a good idea but need supervision wink

Honestly there's no need to rush him, it doesn't matter what other babies are doing, only what your's is doing smile

zsos Thu 14-Aug-08 21:34:36

I also feel that you should do as you feel is right for your baby. but..... if you are trying to wean the "rule" don't ask don't refuse has worked. LO doesent talk but she knows what she wants and lets us know, so i don't refuse when she seems to want to nurse. but i try not to nurse for my benifit anymore ( he he he) i.e phone calls getting an extra 30 min of rest in the morning. but yes always do what works foryou. these are ideas that have really worked for us with no stress!! oh ya P.S they have these great cups for LO that the straw is built in and is not long so they cant choke and mine and others i know seem to like these cause they dont have to tip them back to take a drink!

Zeeky Fri 15-Aug-08 08:20:46

Thanks for your replies guys.

Maybe I am getting too hung up on the whole bottle/cup issue. Guidelines say that by 1 babies should be taking their milk and drinks from a cup and should be down to only 2 milk feeds a day (which is what the rest of my ante-natal group have done), so I was just trying to do this too. I'm not going back to work so don't have the rush in the morning of trying to get him to have milk and breakfast early each day (whereas antenatal group are all starting back at work so have started giving milk in a cup with breakfast instead of early morning bottle).

I think I should just concentrate on what is working for DS and me and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing!

Bought one of those cups with a pop-up straw yesterday on the recommendation of the health visitor, so will try that today.

Pheebe Fri 15-Aug-08 14:42:18

Good for you zeeky smile
guidelines are just that guidelines, so long as you have a happy bub, gaining weight you're doing fine

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