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suggestions please on what to feed my 10 month old nephew

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stitch Wed 13-Aug-08 01:56:13

i have three kids myslef, but seem to have forgotten everything. also, as family is staying over, we seem to be eating rich, heavy foods, there is no routine as such , even for my kids. and i think in the last few days, i have fed dnephew a lot of bread type foods, biscuit types, and a lot of cheese.
he used to enjoy scrambled egg for breakfast, but not anymore. he likes things he can get his gums into, as is also teething atm. so youghurts are no longer a favourite. nor does he want any puree type prepared foods. but eating off our plates means he isnt really eating a balanced diet.
suggestions please for a concerned auntie. blush
he is still breastfed, and has never had any formula. having three feeds a day still.

S1ur Wed 13-Aug-08 02:06:14

Eating off plates is good at least he gets to choose. But if you want to make choice more firendly (and balanced) how about including optional dips with veg/salad to chew on, teeny bits like sweetcorn and peas to pick up and swallow and serving frozen/chilled banana for pud.

Ice cream/cinnamon/anything! optional for others wink

stitch Wed 13-Aug-08 02:07:53

he is eating a lot of cucumber atm as well. hadnt thought of sweetcorn, or peas. good idea.
what sort ofdips do you suggest? i gave him some humus, but he didnt like ti.

S1ur Wed 13-Aug-08 02:09:45


cream cheese?

S1ur Wed 13-Aug-08 02:10:45

salsa (minus chillies- unless you fancy an experiment it might go well grin))

stitch Wed 13-Aug-08 02:11:59

guacomole would be made from avocado?
ill try the cream cheese. have some in the fridge. need to get the avocado.
he eats a banana a day atm. he loves it, and would eat four if we let him. smile
nephews are soooo lovely. all the wonderful bits of motherhood, without the long boring horrible bits. smile

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