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BLW and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep

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DorisH Tue 12-Aug-08 21:59:56

I think I may be asking two separate questions here, but here goes anyway.

I'm doing BLW with my baby. It was spoons and purees for my older kids, so I'm feeling a bit clueless. I've been doing some reading and think I've got the message about 'just for fun until they're one'.

That's fine, but what about filling them up? My son (fully BF until 6 months) is now waking for a feed up to 4 times a night. I'm feeling pretty desperate.

Elder dd slept through at 7 weeks (!!), younger dd at about 3 months, and they never started waking again. But they had plenty of baby rice, pureed spag bol etc. once they started on solids.

Anyone got any suggestions? Do babies on BLW sleep??

Naetha Tue 12-Aug-08 22:34:29

DS is 7mo and has 2 fed meals a day, and the rest is whatever he can shove in his gob.

If he wakes at 7, I'll give him a yoghurt with a bit of pureed fruit at about 7:30 (then his first milk feed to help him out for his first nap at about 9). I'll then offer him snacks (i.e. a couple of rice cakes, a crust of bread, a stick of celery etc) at about 11 and 3. He'll then usually have a couple of ice cubes of fruit/veg around 5ish, and then I'll give him finger foods until he starts throwing them on the floor. He still wakes up about once a night, but sleeping better than he was.

I know it's horses for courses, but the combination of BLW and puree seems to work for DS - he likes his indipendence, but he doesn't like being hungry, so is prepared to compromise!

Having said that, every now and again he'll go through phases of refusing anything I try and give him, so we have messy days where he gets a bowl of puree, six spoons and as much time as he likes wink

rapunzelle Wed 13-Aug-08 08:15:32

I'm doing both methods too. I give a really good carb meal at about 5pm and my 6 month old sleeps through now.

Just like to add that he is happy & confident weaning with both methods; opens his mouth like a baby bird for the spoon but also self feeding anything he can get his hands on. It doesn't have to be all or nothing!

Pheebe Thu 14-Aug-08 16:24:50

My DS2 is getting purees and finger foods at the same time too. There's absolutely no need to be exclusive. Some days he wants to feed himself, others not. We just go with the flow.

So long as they're enjoying eating, getting a balanced diet, gaining weight ok and you're happy mix it up.

It might help him sleep through if you give him say some porridge and fruit for supper, half an hour before bed.

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