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18 mo Fiendish Food Flinger - Help!

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pollyblue Tue 12-Aug-08 17:47:24

My dd is 18 mo and without fail at every meal, deliberately flings good amounts of food on the floor - or more recently at me. She doesn't seem to fling it because she's full or doesn't like it - if i offer her more of the same she'll take it happily, have a few mouthfuls then bam! the rest is on the floor. Her appetite is good and she's not a fussy eater, she'll happily try most things.

She's been able to feed herself finger foods for quite a while and is quite confident with a spoon or fork now, so i don't think it's frustration at not being able to feed herself. I've tried everything i can think of - not reacting, just taking the food away, saying "No!" in my best
Mummy-Means-Business voice.......all to no effect. A relative recently said i should "knock that on the head as soon as you can" but they didn't tell me how!

Advise please!

Spotsanddots Tue 12-Aug-08 21:27:40

My dd used to do this, she would throw food on the floor, rub it in her hair, up her nose, in her ear etc etc. I put a huge sheet on the floor and tried to ignore her as best i could. I used to play a nursery rhyme cd as a distraction, and eventually she grew out of it, best of luck

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