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loss of apetite

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Liz79 Sun 10-Aug-08 19:31:49

DD almost 8 months, seems to have regressed with her feeding, especially over the last few days. When we were on holiday the week before last she was upto half a weetabix for breakfast and about a third of a jar for lunch and tea (don't normally do jars but on holiday) and at each meal she would have fingers of fruit or bits off our plate if we were eating out. She was doing really well we thought. Until a few weeks ago she also only woke once at night for a BF, now she wakes 2-3 times. We think she is teething now, all dribbly, pulling her ear, chewing her thumb etc. She is hardly eating anything now. 1-2 spoons at best, not interested in the fruit pieces anymore. Today she has had some baby rice cakes and those organic carrot sticks that look like wotsits and I put philidelphia on it all and used my finger to put phili in her mouth, thinking it has some fat and protein in it. She wasn't interested in cucumber which she likes. Tell me it will pass. Whats up with my DD

Mine Mon 11-Aug-08 07:09:10

hi liz, if your DD isn;t being sick as well as going off her food, then it sounds like teething to me.

My DS was exactly the same about 3 weeks ago when he cut his first tooth.
It lasted about 2 weeks... when he finally popped the tooth he was back to his normal greedy happy self!!

Like you lo he went off his favourite foods, wouldn't even take lumps in his food either and preferred to chew his bottles teats instead of drink the milk!

Just keep telling yourself that this is a phase and it too shall pass.

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