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baby just can't/won't wean.. feeling worried.

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mieowcat Tue 05-Aug-08 21:53:03

my 27 week old dd is really struggling with weaning. she just cant seem to swallow any food, ive tried loads of different things,baby rice, petit-filous, home made veggie puree, etc, she just holds it on her tongue then spits it out. at nursery they do get one lunch in her but this takes an hour!
im sure shes ready for weaning as she began waking up 2hourly a few weeks ago.anyoneknown of similar problems? advice very welcome! thankyou. x

elmoandella Tue 05-Aug-08 22:31:11

don't think she's ready. but have you tried puredd fruit/veg?

thingamajig Tue 05-Aug-08 22:38:45

Sounds perverse but have you tried finger food? my dd seems to enjoy food much more when she can just play with a lump of something and make a mess.
Toast with philadelphia or butter is good as are canned peaches. Also see
She should be getting all the nutrition she needs from her milk feeds - remember, "under one, foods just for fun"
On the waking front,im afraid its probably a growth spurt. Or the light mornings. Or teething. Or whatever. hope it getsbetter soon

MrsJamin Wed 06-Aug-08 06:12:48

She's only a week older than the suggested start date, so chill out otherwise your stress will definitely cause her to stop eating. As thingamajig says, just offer finger food and see what she does. My DS is 7 months and having probably what amounts to a few swallows of food twice a day - hardly anything. But he is learning LOTS about food which is the important thing, not quantity. It's a well known myth that night waking is to do with readiness to wean/need for solids. They change very quickly at this age so if something's not working this week, try the next and it might be completely different.

2Happy Wed 06-Aug-08 06:32:04

ds1 was 7 and a half months old by the time he decided he wanted food. He was perfectly fine with milk until then. I tried him with food on and of, until he wanted it. Don't stress, she'll get the hang in time.

2Happy Wed 06-Aug-08 06:32:33


BellaBear Wed 06-Aug-08 07:25:50

DS is 6 and a half months and was TOTALLY uninterested in purees, and quite interested in finger food but I don't think he ate anything for at least a week after we started putting him the highchair and offering food. He'll eat something off my finger now and gum finger food, but is still eating very little, but that's fine, he has years and years to eat solids! It's a big thing for him to get used to (and for his stomach to get used to) so no hurry here.

ruddynorah Wed 06-Aug-08 07:53:15

is she a week into weaning? it really is very early days. the waking thing doesn't mean anything. i'm not sure the nursery spending an hour to get a lunch in her is a good thing either.

imvho, at this age she should just be playing with food, like others have said.

beansprout Wed 06-Aug-08 08:08:48

You could just leave it for a few days and then go back to it. Ds1 was like this and didn't really want food until he was 7 months old. Once he started though, there was no stopping him!

theSuburbanDryad Wed 06-Aug-08 08:08:53

My ds - like 2H's - didn't eat solids until very late, and was pretty much exclusively breastfed until he was 10-11 months old. He didn't start eating 3 solid meals a day + snacks till he was about 13 months and went to nursery! Now he eats morning noon and night and LOVES his food!

I wouldn't worry about it, just because you can wean at 6 months, doesn't mean you have to IYSWIM!

lou031205 Wed 06-Aug-08 08:35:16

I think you need to take it right back to basics. You have been switching foods & it probably confuses your DD. Try to be patient. Food isn't important at this age.

My DD1 weaned at 14 weeks on HV advice - duck to water.
DD2 I tried to wean at 26 weeks - she wasn't ready. So I stopped, waited a month, and tried again - no problems. Now, aged 11.5mo, she eats what we eat, no exceptions (ala BLW).

psychomum5 Wed 06-Aug-08 08:57:09

if she can swollow milk, then do not worry about her seeming not to be able to swollow food......she can, she is just, right now, chosing not too.

to me (aftere weaing four easy children and one utter nightmare child!), it seems as tho she just is not ready yet. many children take longer than the 26wks recommended age, to be ok for weaning.......and to be honest, waking up can be a sign, but by no means the difinitive one!

she may just be on a growth spurt and be in need of more milk....

I would stop and just up her milk for now, and try again in a week or so. getting upset will only make what should be an enjoyable experience very very stressful, for you and her (as she will soon pick up on your feelings.)

also, when babies just start weaning (if you follow the puree route rather than BLW), they only normally start with one meal a day for a couple of weeks, and that is only really 3/4 mouthfuls to get them used to the new sensations of the spoon and textures of the food.

and, all babies are different......they crawl at different ages, talk at different ages, even smile at different ages. weaning too comes at different ages with them.....26wks is not a magical age even tho the HV seem to think it ishmmwink.

fret less, and it will come.....she will soon be eating all in sight and you will be worrying about the virtues of mcdonalds/sausage rolls and fruit shoots......!!!

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