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Breakfast ideas for 10.5 mth old.

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Puppie Mon 04-Aug-08 10:29:01

Hi all! I need some ideas what to give my 10.5 DS for breakfast. I'm not sure if it would be alright to give him eggs yet so at the moment he is just eating different flavoured baby cereals and yoghurt and getting very bored with it.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Oh and i've tried toast but he tends to gag on it (hes fine with bread).

sannie Mon 04-Aug-08 10:35:53

i used to give ds1 eggy bread - eggs are fine so long as they are well could also give scrambled eggs and youghurt with fruit....

MrsJamin Mon 04-Aug-08 13:13:15

I am doing BLW - so don't know whether this would suit you but I give 7 MO DS Porridge pancakes - basically porridge oats and milk buzzed in the microwave, then left to cool so it congeals into a solid, he just grabs bits of it to put into his mouth. You could spoonfeed it though I'm sure. Oats are very good for them.

Puppie Mon 04-Aug-08 14:35:15

Ta Sannie and MrsJamin. I hadnt thought of oats! Would love to give him eggy bread as well (prob cause I love it so much)

TillyScoutsmum Mon 04-Aug-08 14:36:28

Eggy bread is a bit hit here..

DD also loves crumpets and pancakes

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 04-Aug-08 14:37:15

English breakfast muffin
hard boiled egg

tokentotty Mon 04-Aug-08 14:39:41

My lo has Weetabix, Readybrek, cornflakes etc for breakfast. All perfectly suitable for young babies and nowhere near the price of 'baby' breakfasts. Add in stewed fruit such as apple/pear/peach/plum, a pinch of cinnamon perhaps and there's quite a mixture to be offered. Eggs are fine as long as they're fully cooked.

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