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BLW for 10 month old....

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Mine Tue 29-Jul-08 07:54:42

Hi there, I was hoping for some advise on BLW for my 10 month old DS.
I've been spoon feeding ds since we started weaning and have been giving him a few cucumber and raw carrot sticks to munch on too in addition to this, but lately he seems to be taking less solids now and not increasing his milk intake, so i wanted to try doing BLW instead.
the problem is that he has changed the rules on lumps in his food and chokes on lumps so i'm worried that he won;t really get on very well with feeding himself either.

He likes to suck on strips of steak as well as the carrots and cucumber, but thats about it.

What would you suggest to give him as a starter'ish on BLW foods..??
I've heard i can give squished peas, sweetcorn and cooked carrots but i need a few more suggestions please!
I'm starting to lose my confidence with my own child....

MrsJamin Tue 29-Jul-08 08:30:28

Roasted veg sticks were the best start for my DS. There's another thread about first foods which should help you. I'd say that raw carrot and cucumber are pretty hard to eat though, as they're pretty hard. My DS had eggy bread and mango for breakfast, both cut into fingers, went down pretty well. You can give anything a go really, think about what you eat and go from there to make it easier, i.e. not making different meals.

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