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Milk feeds after weaning, BLW and purees

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HolidaysQueen Mon 28-Jul-08 09:43:02

My DS is 4 months old - not intending to wean yet but in my rather anal way I want to get a few things straight in my head before I do it!

I like the idea of BLW a lot but I have had problems with breastfeeding and although I now feel confident that I can get to weaning as a bf mum, I don't really enjoy breastfeeding and I don't think I'll be able to go on much longer after weaning with the same number of feeds. I am a bit worried that if we try BLW then he will have the same amount of milk feeds as now for a lot longer and that may make me switch to formula whereas if I feed him the 'traditional' way then he might drop milk feeds sooner so I might be able to continue bf longer IYSWIM. At the moment he has 5 breastfeeds (sometimes 6) during the day, plus formula at night and then whatever night feeds he needs (usually one although sometimes two). I think I could cope with 3 breastfeeds a day plus whatever he needs at night as a longer term solution - is it realistic to expect this by 7-8 months?

What have been your experiences of how quickly your baby dropped milk feeds when BLW versus purees?

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