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Aaghh.. other people's opinions.

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Martha200 Fri 25-Jul-08 15:33:27

ds2 have started weaning last week, (6mths) he also started a cough/cold in the last day so that's not helping, but am really at other people's opinions.

ds1 was on solids back in the days when 4-6mths wasn't the guideline and was weaned at 4mths where even within a week he was really into solid food.

ds2 however I am finding is being compared a lot to ds1 in how little he eats, well for a start it's one week in, but he doesn't care much for the spoon, though banana cereal goes down okish and so does apple puree but so far finding more success in holding a banana and letting him have a chomp.

To be honest he really doesn't seem that interested in food and I am starting to stress myself out that maybe I am doing something wrong, it feels strange when I hear babies younger than him are tucking into all kinds of food and here we are and he doesn't appear that interested.

Guess I need reassurance stories, but it drives me crackers the comparison game.

MrsBadger Fri 25-Jul-08 15:58:20

you are doing fine smile

he is utterly normal

it is much better for him to go at a pace he is comfortable with than force it and risk turning it into an issue

so long as he is still having al the milk he wants he won't be hungry or undernourished.

dd didn't get the hang of food till about 10m and 6wks later is troughing chilli con carne and croissants

cmotdibbler Fri 25-Jul-08 16:29:45

Maybe he just wants to feed himself ? If you look at Aitch's blog you'll see lots of babies eating food with their hands - and you don't need to puree it - just give them nice big lumps

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