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baby with a very sore bottom - should I hold off on the weaning until it's better?

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sannie Fri 25-Jul-08 13:45:16

Hi There,

I think DS2 is teething - he has a terrible sore bottom, is very upset and has lots of white marks appearing on his top gum. To make it worse, he is pooing every 10-15 mins and it must be burning his skin as he goes mad when he does it and when you try to clean him up......

We are trying to give his bottom as much air as possible and have got some ood cream....

I was just wondering if I should hold back on the weaning until he is feeling a little better. Would there be anything in the poo to aggravate it even further if he was having food?

What would other folks do?

Can't remember what we did for ds1 blush

midnightexpress Fri 25-Jul-08 13:52:21

Don't know about the weaning, but I can REALLY recommend Weleda calendula nappy cream - my two have both used it from day one and hardly ever get a hint of a sore bum. And it clears up dead qquickly on the rare occasions when they do.

HTH, and that ds2 gets better soon.

sannie Fri 25-Jul-08 13:54:57

thanks midnightexpress...this is the cream the chemist gave me yesterday
I don't understand where it cam from - i changed him and he was fine and then the next hour he was really red - poor thing it's so hot as well...

Annabellemary Fri 25-Jul-08 20:17:31

Hi there, my 9 month old dd suddenly had a red raw sore bottom the night before her first tooth arrived (only about a month ago) and my health visitor advised Kamillosan which is a barrier cream you get in a yellow tube from tesco or chemist etc. and her bottom cleared up 50% the first day and totally by the next day. i wouldn't hesitate to use it again. just in case the one you have doesn't work.

As for the weaning, i would continue as normal, if his bum is sore it is sore and what he eats/drinks wont stop that. if he is teething I personally would try cold things/puree etc to sooth the gums.

Good luck x

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