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Is the heat affecting their appetitie?

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Sallypoo Thu 24-Jul-08 18:11:40


I've been weaning DS for about a month (he's nearly 7months), but in the last few days DS's interest in the various purrees I've offered has really tailed off - even Apple is only accepted for the first 2 mouthfuls... Strangley he's very happy during the mealtimes, previously he's got upset when he's decided he doesn't want to eat.

He's been very thirsty, has had quite a lot of water, and as always, finished all his milk these last few day....

I think it's the heat, but do wonder if he's board of what I'm offering? He's not had protein yet, was waiting until he was 7 months at the end of July!

I did however try him on weetabix this morning which he loved and an organix rice cake at lunchtime which seemed to be well received too....

Could he just want something different?

Sherida Tue 29-Jul-08 15:27:39

Ooooh I was wondering if the heat was affecting them, my DD loves baby rice and banana mush, but lately all she wants is the bottle. I thought it was the heat but am no expert, so a BUMP and hope someone in the know comes and tells us soon!

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