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11 month old, getting over a tummy bug, not eating, help?

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MummytoWillow Tue 22-Jul-08 22:40:47

My 11 month old daughter has been poorly with a tummy bug since Thursday, she vomited for a day, then has had very loose, sometimes watery nappies ever since. I've taken her to the doctor and he said she is 'on the mend'??

She is now very fussy about her food, she used to eat all my homemade meals which contained lumps, now if I give her any food with texture she gags and throw's it up? sad I hate to see her get upset, so I was wondering if I should go back to completely pureed food or is that a bad idea?

Also has anyone got any ideas of what to tempt her with, as all she is keen on so far is yoghurt?

Five days seems along time for a tummy bug to go, how much longer should I wait until I get really worried?

simpson Tue 22-Jul-08 23:01:35

Do you think she might have a sore throat? My Ds (now 2.10) was sick with the same type of thing at 11/12 mths when I went back to work and he started nursery. It took AGES getting his eating back up. I would offer what she wants. Yogurts might be prefered because they are cold and sliding down easier if her throat is a bit inflamed. The only other thing my DS ate were the hipp baby jars (from 6 mths) stored in fridge so again nice and cold. I would also store what she drinks in fridge too ie juice or water.

If she eats this for a day or two and doesn't gag then go back to normal food.If then still sick go back to docs.

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