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Confused about beakers and dropping feeds.

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Scubes Mon 21-Jul-08 10:07:34

LO is about to turn 1. She has 3 formula feeds at 7, 2 and 7, they are all 7oz bottles but she doesn't always finish them.

How much milk does she need at the age of 1?

Am trying to get her to drink morning milk out of a beaker but she is not keen, I am persisting and I suppose she drinks about half. I don't want to put rest in bottle as I think it gives her wrong message (horrible mummy!) As she still has her 2pm feed I feel it doesn't matter and she can have rest with her breakfast.

When should I drop the 2pm feed and when should the other feeds be dropped as well? I know it varies but any advice would be appreciated.

Sorry for all the questions, can't seem to find any guidelines.


Rachie97 Mon 21-Jul-08 11:37:13

the guidance I had was from age 1 at least 350ml fullfat milk OR at least 2 servings of yogurt or cheese. milk would include that used on breakfast but to avoid giving more than 1 pint a day as it could reduce childs appetite

My daughter decided that she didn't like milk & so only had 4 ounces of a morning when she was coming up to one year old and whatever I put (hid) in her food, at about 13 months after she gave up on milk completely, will not drink it at all & spits it out. but she does like cheese on toast & I give her ready brek for breakfast because of the calcium in it & i give her yogurt.

does she drink water/juice out of a beaker? mine would never drinl milk from a beaker only a bottle but was quite happy to drink water or juice from beaker

Zeeky Mon 21-Jul-08 11:50:03

My health visitor has told me that in theory they should drop the afternoon feed by about 1yr old, and can have a snack instead if needed and a drink. But they should continue with the morning and evening feed.

In theory, they should be drinking morning milk and all daytime drinks from a beaker/cup by 1yr old.

My DS is 11 mths old and still won't really drink much from a beaker. He may take a few sips of water but then sits there shaking it around and "watering" the floor, so I'm still giving him water and milk from bottles. I was getting a little hung up about it as the books say by 1 they should only be using a beaker, but then I thought so what if it takes him a bit longer. At the moment I would prefer him to be drinking enough fluids (as he gets constipated whenever I have tried to force the cup issue as he then cuts back on fluid intake!)

He still also has an afternoon milk feed, but I will probably start to phase that out as he approaches 1. He's not a great eater, so I kid of want him to drink as much of his milk feeds as possible so that at least he is getting some nutrients that way.

designerbaby Mon 21-Jul-08 13:02:45

My understanding is that the point of replacing bottles with beakers is so they don't drink too much milk, and thereby spoil their appetite for solid food... so if you have concerns about not enough milk (like I do) then not to worry so much about the beaker thing... DD will sip water from hers no problem, bu not milk and certainly not in any great quantity.

DD has already dropped her mid afternoon milk feed of her own accord (she's 8 1/2 months) because she guzzles so much breakfast and lunch and has drunk an 8oz bottle in the morning... She has a piece of fruit and a drink of water instead sometimes.

I think don't sweat it - it doesn't sound like she's drinking inordinate amounts of milk and I reckon she'll probably drop her afternoon feed when she's ready and eating more solid food...

Guidelines I've read say anywhere from 350mls and 500mls of milk a day (12-16oz) at about a year – depending on who you read...


Scubes Mon 21-Jul-08 18:23:59

Thanks everyone, Zeeky you're lo sounds exactly like mine. She gets constipated but wont drink much water form her beaker either, preferring to chuck it around like you say! She also doesn't eat much so I'm a bit concerned about dropping afternoon milk but having said that she has started to play around with it so maybe she doesn't want it now.

Her birthday on Sunday so going to start introducing cows milk and maybe things will happen naturally, or maybe not! She doesn't seem to like drinking full stop which is a bit of a concern and we have a cupboard full of beakers!

NotParanoid Tue 22-Jul-08 16:34:37

Boy do I know how you feel. Mine is ex reflux and altho' that has largely settled down can still be awkward. It sometimes looks like we're force feeding her altho' she generally eats and drinks well. (If I hear the health visitor say one more time 'don't force her' I'll scream.) Yoghurt is great tho and as long as she has plenty of wet nappies I wouldn't worry about dehydration. Some people just don't like to drink much.

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