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New weaning - how do i do it 3 hourly?

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csjg2008 Thu 17-Jul-08 22:30:11

Hi. I'm about to start weaning my 4 month old boy. He has the most dreadful reflux (permanently being sick - rivers, not possets!) but is a very healthy weight (17lbs) and the paediatrician has told me solids should actually help him.

The problem is he feeds every 3 hours (I tried 4 hours, it led to even more sick as had to up the amount/feed which was a disaster) and all the books and guides seem to be based on 4 hourly (everyone i know used Gina Ford and said it made weaning so much easier to have a guide to follow) but she doesn't cater for my little boy!

What time of day should I introduce his first baby rice? We feed at 7 - 10 - 1 - 4 - 7 (and dream feed at 10.15) I know ultimately he'll need lunch around 12.. I just cannot get my head around when I should introduce the first solid feed... and also then the second one.

Totally confused. Any advice - esp if anyone has my little boys issues - greatly appreciated. Stressing!

BeachBunni Fri 18-Jul-08 09:29:18

Hey there. I would concentrate on just giving him one feed a day for the first wk or so and seeing how he takes that before increasing the amount of feeds slowly. They start to change their routines once solids are introduced anyway.
Early morning feeds would be milk as he'd be starving and too impatient for food. Maybe try the lunch feed as solids but give him a bit of milk first so he's relaxed enough to take it but don't expect him to take a lot at first.
Do the lunch one for a week or two before trying the dinner feed also.
My friend has a ds the same age as mine and was advised to start weaning earlier too because of very bad reflux (if it's heavier, it stays down more she was told) and she said it did help a bit although he still is sick quite a lot.
Good luck.

Dawnie6577 Fri 18-Jul-08 09:55:23

My DS has reflux and beginning to outgrow it now at nearly 9 months (hoorah!!).
Just to say I kept to the 3 day rule, which really helped as certain foods seemed to make his reflux worse. Particularly fruits and brocolli/cauliflower (I think caused more wind = more sick!).
I also avoided tomato/orange for quite a while, as I read somewhere acidic foods can make things more uncomfy for reflux babies.
I pretty much bf at the same time as you and I introduced lunch at 12pm. Tis good to introduce lunch first,as you can check he doesn't react to any foods (i.e. will be in afternoon, rather than in evening!)
Also, I know everyone is different, but try not to expect too much from weaning early and solids. In our experience, they have helped, but only when we are now cutting back on milk a bit. I was expecting an overnight radical change and no sick and I wish someone told me it isn't until they are on proper solids (i.e. not just puree) and less milk. I'm not saying cut down on his milk of course, but try not to expect too much too soon. It is so tough, I hope he grows out of it soon for you.
Good luck!

witchandchips Fri 18-Jul-08 10:03:10

what about the 1 pm feed? easy because it is about the time that you will have lunch. He is still really young so i would take it very very slowly to start.
My ds had reflux and i weaned around the same age just because he needed too much milk for little and oftern to work. It got much much worse for the first few weeks but when he started dropping milk feeds it did get much better.

are you breastfeeding?

TheGabster Fri 18-Jul-08 12:57:35

Hi! My boy (23 wks) has reflux too. We were warned weaing is sometimes the answer but often makes it worse, but started weaning 3 weeks ago anyway (couldn't take anymore sad).

He feeds slightly less often than your lo but like you, the morning feed has always been the biggest problem.

I reckon start with either of the feeds around lunch time - but make sure it is the one he is calmest/happiest at. You know, well rested and feeling smily etc. And expect him to be sick still - we did well on baby rice so got brave and tried carrot. My lo tried three spoons and really was not sure, but then projectile vomitted that and the preceeding bottle of milk over me, my husband and the camera! Have to laugh really.

Agree with Dawnie in that it is not the absolute answer immediately, but I am finding that the thicker purees are an improvement and the milk is staying in him a bit better, but probably as Dawnie said just because he is starting to cut down now.

Must also add I found giving him half to three quarters of his milk feed, then a really good burping session before the solids seems to help. And we take it really slow and space things out (he is a guzzle guts which does not help the reflux as I am sure you can image!).

For example, we have just started doing breakfast so I give his milk at 7.30 and then solids about half hour later. Plus that now seems to tide him over to about 11 or 11.15 so we are slowly getting nearing the lunch time thing. Again, 11.15 he has half his bottle first, then solids around 11.30/45 and the rest of the bottle just after 12 as I put him down for his nap. Would not have been able to survive this long with out trusty split feeds!

Good luck!! And let us know how you get on.


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