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Does development affect how much solids baby is ready for?

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chloemegjess Wed 16-Jul-08 23:16:58

Hello. I know this sounds a bit odd, but does the rate of which a baby develops effect the amount they should be eating? This came from a conversation i had with a friend today.

Ie, one of the major signs of needing to wean is a baby sitting up unaided...My dd did this at 5 months - does this mean she was ready? She could also feed herself.

She is now 6.5months and weaning is well estabilished. She is alot more active than any other 6.5month old babies I know. She is now pulling herself up pn furntiure and walking holdiing hands etc. Does this mean she is ready for more than a baby who just lies there, but is the same age???

My DD (spoonfed, along side finger foods) will eat as much as I give her, but still has several breasfeeds - maybe 7ish in 24hours. But I am always worried about not getting the balance she has a slow weight gain (not too bad though)

It seems a bit silly to me, to go by age alone, but I also know that the 6month rule is quite a sensitive subject for a lot of people.

Sorry, I dont even know if this has even made any sense! I am extremly tired and now off to bed.

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