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refusing lumpy foods at 9months....HELP

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Mine Wed 16-Jul-08 22:23:16

My 9 month old ds has recently started rejecting all lumpy foods and i don;t know why....

Is anyone else having, or had this problem??
If so what can i do??
I'm hoping its a phase, like many others, but i'm getting really frustrated.
He gags on ANY lumps, and just vomits out all the contents of his stomach for the day at the slightest lump, and does the same with finger food once he's sucked enough to swallow.
He used to be fine with it all, but the last couple of weeks has been a real struggle.
I thought it might be teething, but he's been teething for the last 6 months without even a glimmer of a tooth in sight.

Any thoughts welcome..... i've run out of ideas and creative ways to get him to eat much more than porridge and yoghurt!

stairs Sat 26-Jul-08 12:14:19

My DS1 was exactly the same...I struggled to get him interested in food at all to start with, and then when lumps came along (even mashed banana - which ds2 loves at 5 mths) he just vomited. Anything I had carefully got in came back all over me - even meals several hours ago. Very upsetting - you have my sympathy.
No real advice but support. Eventually, he just started eating 'real food' in it's normal state, things like breadsticks and banana chunks. He has never liked lumps - and entirely skipped all the stage 2 jars, mashed dinners etc and ate normal food or smooth purees. I tried the lumpy jar things until he was about 18 mths on and off, but realised it was pointless in the end.
He is nearly 3 now, and still won't eat anything lumpy and gags on rice pudding etc, but loves adult cereal (cornflakes - milk must be in a cup not on as he doesn't like the mix of textures) chilli, squid, prawns and mince. He hates anything like chicken (too lumpy too)and standard baby fayre. I think there is very little you can do apart from wait for the real food to kick in - this is something you can't overcome by persuasion.....
Not sure this helps - but my son is a really healthy, happy boy. Just knows what he likes.....
DS2 is a revelation - he eats anything and everything!

Mine Mon 28-Jul-08 08:47:16

thanks Stairs.
DS as since had 1 tooth come through! Hurrahh. I think that may have been the cause, as he is slowly getting back to his normal self... but the hot weather is making things move along a lot slower as all he wants is cooling/cold foods.
I may have to try and go (very slowly) down the BLW route to encourage him to eat more or our foods, as you say this may make him eat more lumps.

Feeding times are just soo hard and frustrating now.
DH doesn;t understand as he doesn;t do any of the feeds. he thinks i'm obsessing.

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