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1yr old feeding

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Fatback Tue 15-Jul-08 21:51:45

1 yr old, born at 35 weeks rough start in life but since done well. Drinks milk by the litre but weaning has /is proving troublesome.

Tried the BLW route - but he puts food in his mouth, chews away till mushy lump then spits it out. Some does go down but not much.

Breakfast eats porridge, weetabix and chew on toast
Lunch - little but yoghurt+++
Supper - same as lunch

Swallows very small pieces of pasta and rice but only if covered in slop. Eats rice cakes and swallows this.

So should a 1 yr old be eating more solid food or should I give in and continue with the lumpy purees? Seems like everyone elses kids are eating solid food and the purees a thing of the past but not little man. Also is the spitting and not swallowing a normal phase.

He is happy, active and not losing weight so not unduly concerned just getting tired of no progress.

noonki Wed 16-Jul-08 11:36:45

I would try a mixture of puree and solids and see how he goes, don't worry about anyone elses kid's he will get used to the solids then.

my 14 month old is still doing the spitting swallowing thing but less and less but seems to be growing so don't worry too much !

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