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Ideas for adding cheese to 6 month old diet??

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didsnbump Sat 12-Jul-08 22:00:19

My ds has just turned 6 months but has been eating solids for 6 weeks now. He is just having ceral and fruit for breakfast, veg and a yoghurt for lunch and fruit for tea. Im gonna start giving him chicken with his lunch and veg as well as fruit for tea, but i want to induce more fat into his diet like cheese but am not sure how.

(i already have loads of pre-made stuff in the freezer to use that doesnt have any cheese etc in)

Charliemama Sat 12-Jul-08 22:02:36

Mine have always been cheese fiends and it was a staple from 6 months. I started by giving them cheese sauce mixed with pasta or mashed potato. Also cheese spread sandwich fingers, or just plain grated cheese which they gleefully shoveled in! grin

Charliemama Sat 12-Jul-08 22:03:37

Forgot to say by the time I got to Ds2 (no 3) he just ate what we all ate anyway!

Mung Sat 12-Jul-08 22:03:48

Why not cut a stick of cheese and give it to him? Its probably the easiest way and he'll probably just suck at it a bit anyway.

ShowOfHands Sat 12-Jul-08 22:04:36

DD has always loved cheese. Her favourites from early on were cheesy jacket potato, cheese omelette, cheese and veg wraps and cauliflower cheese.

giddykipper Sat 12-Jul-08 22:05:09

Echo what the others said about a stick of cheese. Also just add some grated cheese and a bit of milk when you are pureeing the veg, easy way to add a cheese sauce!

IAteRosemaryConleyForBreakfast Sat 12-Jul-08 22:06:17

Hi Charliemama!

Sticks of cheddar. Go down a treat and easy to hold.

Charliemama Sat 12-Jul-08 22:10:46

Hello Rose smile.

Another favourite was scrambled egg with grated cheese and baked beans (mashed with a fork) with........
you've guessed it - grated cheese!

We go through a lot of cheese in our house grin

foxythesnowfox Sat 12-Jul-08 22:15:59

Cream cheese sarnies. Cream cheese and grated carrot/apple sarnies or with chopped grapes. And Philly and jam.

Saute some frozen spinach, dollop of philly, handful of grated cheddar, splosh of milk and blend. Use as a pasta or fish sauce.

Cream cheese features a lot in our house grin

Cheesy mash. Grated cheese and raisins as a snack.

If you can make a simple cheese sauce, freeze it in single portions and pour over veg/fish/pasta. Actually, use the sauce as a base and put the other stuff on top. Children quite often don't like sauces over things.

HTH smile

didsnbump Sat 12-Jul-08 22:36:36

Thanks everyone, was thinking of chunks of cheese but whens best to give it??

Can i just add a grated cheese by itself to purees or do i need to make it into a sauce?

foxythesnowfox Sat 12-Jul-08 22:38:24

I'd just bung it in. Either into a warm puree so it'll melt or cold to give it some texture. smile

didsnbump Sat 12-Jul-08 22:41:25

What are the best veg combinations to add a bit of cheese and milk to other than potato??

giddykipper Sat 12-Jul-08 22:48:42

Cauliflower (ie cauliflower cheese!) and broccoli are particularly good, sweet potato, leeks, spinach. I'd try whatever you have in the fridge.

foxythesnowfox Sat 12-Jul-08 23:00:28

and parsnips and carrots are quite sweet too. You can do combinations using potatoes as a base, then add one or two veg to it and a bit of cheese.

When LO is ready for a bit of texture I put it all through a potato ricer. Can also put pasta and fish through it too.

You can use any veg really. I think that sauce in my other post is rank but all my kids lovd it.

macdoodle Sat 12-Jul-08 23:41:26

My DD2 6 and half months LOVES melted cheese on toast - pinched DD1's breakfast and now won't eat anything else breakfast time shock

moocowme Sun 13-Jul-08 20:15:58

i also go for cream cheese on everything. ds loves it. one of his favourites is grated veg with cream cheese.

chloemegjess Sun 13-Jul-08 21:37:34

I put cheese in alot of my DD (6months) food, as advised by HV to help with weight gain. I just add it to whatever puree I am getting out of the freezer. ie, if I were to get some cubes of carrot out of the freezer for DD dinner, I would start it off in the micro and then halfway through, add a bit of cheese and stir, and then bung back in till hot and it all melts in. My DD LOVES cheese in any vegetable puree.

Tinkjon Mon 14-Jul-08 21:47:42

[Tink sings] mascarpone, mascarpone, mascarpone!

ILoveDolly Mon 14-Jul-08 21:50:06

you can make a big batch of cheese sauce and freeze into ice cubes, to use as and when. my dd was also shovelling in grated cheese as soon as she could

wrinklytum Mon 14-Jul-08 21:50:42

All of the above and those babybels are a great portable snack food.

OverMyDeadBody Mon 14-Jul-08 21:54:35

sweet potato mixed with white fish, peas and grated cheese always goes down well.

meep Mon 14-Jul-08 21:55:36

I still stir in some cheese to whatever dd is having (unless it woudl be really yuck!) - cook whatever you are giving till it's hot and stir in cream cheese (good for cooling it down) or grated cheese!

TC08 Tue 29-Jul-08 16:01:38

My daugher absolutely addored Cheesestrings, was sucking on them with great plesure! Was adviced by HV to help with teething.

Can't wait to introduce them to my DS.

TC08 Tue 29-Jul-08 16:02:14

My daughter absolutely addored Cheesestrings, was sucking on them with great plesure! Was adviced by HV to help with teething.

Can't wait to introduce them to my DS.

BigBadMousey Tue 29-Jul-08 16:08:09

Cream cheese and avacado was very popular with my lot and certainly helped them put on weight.

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