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Where do I go from here? baby a bottomless pit

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littlemiss26 Thu 10-Jul-08 17:22:02

Hi all need so ideas/advice. my baby was born on 98th centile weighing 10lb 5oz. he was exclusively breastfed until 16 weeks where he had dropped to between the 25th and 9th. At that point he found his appetite and was Screaming (and i mean screaming for food). So I began with topping him up with formula, but even 10 oz feeds weren't enough so at 17 weeks started weaning. he took to it like a fish to water, and was on 3 meals a day with dessert within a fortnight. He is now 24 weeks and eats a huge breakfast of porridge and fruit puree, then a lunch of three cubes of veg and yoghurt dessert, and the same for dinner. He has gained at least a pound every week (record was 20 oz in one week!) and is now on the 91st centile. Yesteray he had breakfast and lunch as normal but was screaming with hunger at 3:30 - so I tried to give him a bottle which he shoved out of the way so i feed him his dinner early, and then he had 12 oz milk before bed at 6:30. He is following the same pattern today. Anyway, what I wanted to ask is should I add meat/fish/carbs to his diet? or up the portions more? or add another meal? he is only 5 and a half months. ideas please????

pinata Thu 10-Jul-08 20:06:06

well, my DD is a whopper who loves to eat, too - she's over 20lb at 7 months (98th centile last time she was weighed)

anyway, the way i decided how much to give her when i started weaning (although admittedly, i did wait longer than you) was to figure out her appetite by one day make a mountain of food at every meal (more than she could possibly have eaten) and seeing how much she wanted

she has since gone right off being fed with a spoon and eats mainly finger foods - i think overall it's actually less than when i was giving her purees. have you tried giving him food to feed himself?

also, maybe try lumpier foods and things like rice etc, which are more filling and take longer to eat? i think it's best to avoid wheat, dairy, meat etc until 6 months+

MadameCheese Fri 11-Jul-08 17:40:21

What about protein based foods, these are supposed to keep you fuller for longer. Sounds like my husband btw

littlemiss26 Sat 12-Jul-08 09:23:32

cheers for the responses! i've tried him on pasta stars and fish which seemed to fill him up. Although, I did stand back wondering if he might just explode!! we've tried finger food a bit but he generally just messes around with it, and gets frustrated if he's really hungrey. Hopefully he'll slow down soon hmm

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