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Help! DD can't tolerate milk... what can I cook with instead?

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Gonkster Thu 10-Jul-08 09:56:49

DD (8mths) eats everything we eat, but can't tolerate dairy at the mo (hopefully that will pass in the months to come hmm). If I am cooking eg fish pie, what can I use instead of cows milk? And what about cheddar cheese... what could I cook with instead? And yoghurt... is there a dairy free version suitable for babies (ie without masses of sugar and salt etc)?

Doc said soyformula called Wysoy for when I finally drop a bf, but it's the cooking I am more concerned about.

Yours, in desperation,

stitch Thu 10-Jul-08 10:00:22

look up vegan weaning. becaseu they dont eat dairy at all
i fact, i think that general 'english' food relies too much on dairy. as an asian, i was shocked to find out that fish was cooked in milk. the received wisdom in the indian subcontinent is that fish and milk should not be consumed, not just not together, but not for many many hours afterwards.
just cook the fish in water, or pan fry in tiny bit of olive oil
wysoy is something you need to be careful of because of teh high sugar content

i never ever use milk in cooking, unless it is cheese, and even then, rarely

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