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ummm BLW and projectile vomit!!!

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chunkypudding Wed 09-Jul-08 18:19:29

DS is 25 weeks. Can sit well, pick things up, put in mouth, chew, no tongue reflex etc etc.

He actually has some experience of mush from earlier than he should have as I stupidly listened to HV etc rather than checking on here.

On the plus side it wasn't very early, and he was already sitting etc then, and also took charge of the spoon.

So please don't lay into me, I thought I was doing the right thing, HV has been acting like I'm mental since he was 20 weeks and we only started any solids in past week or 2. And I can't undo that now.

What I wanted to ask was DS was just laying into a pear, in slices, and self-feeding merrily, when he gagged a bit, which resulted in major projectile vomit. He was sitting on my lap at the time and as I was concerned (obv) he somehow ended up facing me and I was covered...

don't really care about that (made dp laugh) but is this a normal and okay thing? think it was just the gagging that did it, but it was a major spew.

He was grinning away immediately after and seemed as amused as dp about whole thing, and is still fine if slightly hyper now. Thought he may want a bf but not interested at the mo...

so if he seems okay he is okay?? Is projectile exorcist style vomit within a 'normal' spectrum?

merryberry Wed 09-Jul-08 18:46:42

from ds1 days:happened twice: a gag reflex gonemad, soon learnt not to do it.

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