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8mo doesn't like finger foods or lumps

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twinkleymum Wed 09-Jul-08 14:11:31

Started weaning at 6mo with simple purees, was and still is hard work. She just was not interested in food at all. Now she only eats very bland baby rice type packets. I've tried all sorts of things I've made, jars, pouches etc and don't seem to get anywhere, all she'll eat is vegetable baby rice and fromage frais.

Her milk intake is still OK (especially as she keeps waking for so many night feeds!sad No problems so far with weight gain. I've tried giving her finger foods like grated cheese, toast, organic rusk, banana, strawberries, carrot and those bicipeg things and she picks them up and looks at them as if disgusting! Then lets go. I find this really strange because everything else goes in her mouth straight away! All the other babies I see are very happy to try tasting things yet my DD is revolted almost.

Will she ever eat? Anyone else had this problem? I'm not worried about her weight just hoping I'm not heading for a really fussy eater.

zephyrcat Wed 09-Jul-08 14:18:43

Hiya - she sounds just like my DD3! Mine is 9 months now and still not really interested. She likes the 4month pureed fruits but not much else. I'm trying her with cheese, bread and butter, toast, rusk, banana etc and she will try a tiny bit but is generally not impressed and hates lumps. On the other hand she will eat wipes, tissue, paper, books, shoes.... grin

twinkleymum Wed 09-Jul-08 14:48:46

Yes my DD too! Paper is her absolute favorite! I spend all day chasing after her trying to stop her from putting anything and everything in her mouth, but give her a bit of food and its clamped shut!

chloemegjess Wed 09-Jul-08 14:58:28

Hi. I starting giving finger foods at 5.5months and my DD wasnt interested. I just gave her finger food at ever meal, while I spoon fed her a puree. She now (a month on) is alot better.

I have given things that I didnt plan to give. Ie i gave her a jam sandwich the other day and she loved it. I know there is alot of sugar etc in it, but it got her to eat it as it was sweet, so hoping that will get her used to sandwiches and I can change the fillings when she gets used to eating them. Also, I had ben cutting toats into fingers, which she just threw on the floor. We went to a cafe the other day for an all day breakfast and DD didnt want anything I had brought for her and was moaning. I gave her a big slice (it was 1 slice cut into 2 triangles) and she ate it!! More than if I had given it to her in fingers.

Anyway, I would just continue offering things a few times a day, and dont reduce her milk, she will be fine. She will eat when she is ready. Try not to push her, as meal times should be fun.

Is she breastfed or bottlefed?

I am soon she will soon start getting hungry for them

Just wanted to say as well, bickie pegs arnt meant to be eaten!

twinkleymum Wed 09-Jul-08 16:21:33

No I know that, she wouldn't put it in her mouth was what I meant. I am mix feeding, more formula than bf now as I'm going to give up soon. Why do you ask, does that make a difference to weaning?

chloemegjess Wed 09-Jul-08 16:46:49

No, I dont think it makes alot of difference, I was just wondering, as if she is BF then you wouldnt know/control how much she was getting, where as FF you do.

Sorry about the bicki peg thing, I thought you probably knew, just wanted to make sure. Sorry if it sounded like I was sticking my nose in!

Maybe you could try not giving her solids for a few days, if she isnt eating anyway, and then try again when she has had a break?

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