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'Window' for weaning

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rascal1979 Mon 07-Jul-08 13:14:44

My DD is comign up to 7mths actual age (corrected she is coming up to 5 mths)

She has been able to sit with support for some time and has started to grab toys, hair, face, anything! accurately and enthusiastically for the past couple of months.In the past couple of days she has been showing def signs of being ready to wean she has been watching what anyone eats with great intent and over the weekend she has been grabbing at food and drink.

Yesterday she was watching her grandad eat some chicken - intently watching him cut it up then following it from his plate to his mouth, and when DH was eatting some trifle she watched the spoon and grabbed as it came closer to her whilst movingher mouth enthusiastically!

Now she is eclu BF and we go on holiday abroad at weekend. I was hoping to start weaning her after the holiday.....but I'm scared of missing the window of opportunity. I also feel mean if she is ready to start not letting her cos we are on holiday.

We are away for 2 weeks.

Am I being silly and should just stilck to my plans and wait til we get back or shoudl I stop stressing and start weaning her on holiday???

simpson Thu 10-Jul-08 22:55:57

Personally if it was me would wait till you come back from holiday. If you think LO is ready while you are away can always give some stuff off your plate ie cucumber, veg etc.Or maybe toy to play with while you are eating instead to occupy her. Otherwise just wait till you are home might be easier. Hope you enjoy your holiday BTW!!

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 11-Jul-08 09:45:40

Message withdrawn

crokky Fri 11-Jul-08 09:51:48

I would wait til you get back. She will get very little nutrition from food at first anyway so it won't harm her to wait.

I waited the full six months and a further week and a half (DS excl BF til then and he was induced 3 weeks early, I know not prem like your baby, but he couldn't sit and was still skinny).

My DD on the other hand is 3.5 months - she enjoys watching people eat and I intend to wait the full 6 months for her. I don't think you will miss the window, she'll be fine. They like watching people eat, but that is not an indicator of the maturity of their gut.

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