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I want to do BLW but dd seems to prefer spoon feeding - what to do?

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Caz10 Sun 06-Jul-08 20:43:24

We've been trying food for 3.5wks so early days I know, but...

I've never been keen on the idea of puree so when I discovered BLW it seemed ideal and makes total sense.

However I did want to try a mixture of things, and really don't see anything wrong with spoon feeding dd things that NEED a spoon, eg I don't see the point in pureeing a pear when she can munch quite happily on a slice of one but I do think yoghurt needs to go on a spoon! I just figure if I'm not forcing it into her it's ok. Also she will have a good go at spoon feeding herself which is good.

So I've been giving her the usual roasted veg sticks etc, slices of fruit, breadsticks etc, and also spooning in some porridge and yoghurt.

She LOVES yoghurt etc on a spoon, eats a fair bit, smiles, wiggles her legs etc

Some things she likes picking up and eating - mostly fruit and carby type things. But mainly she just picks things up looks at them and chucks them overboard then seems to get pissed off. She has never done the "grab a handful and shovel it in" thing I've seen on the BLW photos. In fact she seems distinctly wary of anything too squidgy.

I'm getting a bit fed up of chopping/boiling/roasting veg sticks when I know they will just end up on the floor.

Do you think it's just a case of persevering? The other "problem" is that with slippery things like eg a peach she LOVES to eat them and will happily eat a whole peach cut into slices - IF i hold it for her. Put the slices down and she just picks them up and systematically throws them away!

Any thoughts?!!

FeelingDeviant Sun 06-Jul-08 21:56:56

I'd keep persevering and get a splashmat so whatever is chucked on floor, you can put straight back on her plate.
Know how you feel about all that chopping, boiling, roasting, etc. just for it all to go on the floor. Overcame this by giving DD leftovers which I would otherwise have thrown in bin anyway.

slimy things - why don;t you keep the skin on to give her something to grip?

yoghurts - I always feed DD with a spoon for yoghurt, or rather fill the spoon up for her and let her grab it and put contents in mouth, lick or whatever. Sometimes she prefers using fingers which is very messy!

Thankyouandgoodnight Mon 07-Jul-08 11:57:18

I agree - I would personally shove loads of kitchen roll on the floor around her highchair and refuse to feed her stuff unless it's a yoghurt or something. I noticed with DD - they get very lazy if you let them, so I would not give her yoghurt in a pot for ages if she was looking to me to feed her. Instead I would add sliced banana / chunks of stewed fruit so that she could pick up the chunks using her hands still and the yoghurt would go with it

It's up to you but she'll feed herself if she's hungry and explore textures if she's hungry or not. How old is she?

Caz10 Sun 13-Jul-08 14:41:03

Thank you for your answers!

Sorry for the delay, haven't been well, yuck

Anyway I'm starting to think it is maybe just a developmental thing - even in the past week I see an improvement in her ability to grasp the slippier things, and also to persevere when they try to escape her!

I think I'm also getting better at chopping things into "better" shapes for her iyswim

Am spooning porridge and yoghurt but letting her get on with everything else.


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