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How much food and when for a 7m old bf baby?

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Katflowers Fri 04-Jul-08 21:53:37

I am really interested to know what other people are doing food wise for breastfed babies around 7-8m?
Is dd2 having too much milk? When I tried to feed solids before milk at lunchtime there was screaming!
Current schedule is
6 - bf
7 - porridge/weetabix
9 - bf
11.30 - bf then main course and yogurt. She will often have some finger foods too
2 - bf
4.30 - bf then rusk mixed with fruit
6.40 - bf
And should she have more solids at tea time? Questions questions

PanT Sat 05-Jul-08 09:48:19

My DS is 7mo (8 mo on Tues) and this is his schedule
6am BF
7am Breakfast usually porridge & fruit puree or banana & toast & water
10am BF
12pm Dinner - eg steamed veg & potatoe or pasta & water
3pm BF
5pm Tea - eg veg hotpot & fruit puree & water
7pm BF
10pm Dream feed
I always gave him solids an hour or so after he BF so that he would not be really hungary and want milk instead of solids. It is only the last few weeks or so that he has really started to not want BF on demand and he has started to eat more soilds this last week (after a week of not being at all interested!)

Greedygirl Sat 05-Jul-08 20:36:19

This is v.interesting to me as my DS is 7mo and his love affair with breastmilk does not appear to be slowing down in spite of the fact that he is starting to eat more solids! In fact he likes to round off lunch with a nice long feed for pudding.

Am I right in thinking that babies will self-regulate and only eat if they are hungry? If that is the case then perhaps you could offer your DD more solids at teatime Katflowers? I am struggling to get my head around the whole weaning thing so I have just started offering my DS solids 3 times a day on the principle that if he doesn't want it, he won't eat it. I offered my DS some fruit at teatime even tho he had just had a milk feed and he waved it about and then put it down, not interested.

pinata Sat 05-Jul-08 21:41:29

dd isn't bf, but she is 7mo and i've been trying to nfind a solids v milk balance too - it's so hard. current routine that seems to work is:

6am - milk
8am - porridge
11.30/12 - rice and veg mixed with puree, bread and philly, fruit
2pm - milk
5pm - dinner, as lunch but often with 1/2 a yogurt as well
7.30pm - milk

i worked out her appetite by one day making LOADS of food (more than she could possibly eat) at all meals and seeing what she wanted , as i found she was polishing off everything i gave her. i then fitted milk in around that. she regulates herself quite well - if she wants more milk, she'll have less solids and vice versa

i guess it would work the same way with bf and weaning too?

fourlittlefeet Sat 05-Jul-08 21:47:17

Kat is she sleeping ok? I think its more important for her to have the milk than the solids and it sounds like you are doing pretty much bang on what I did (my dd is now 14 months and still breastfeeding!). I found that when she had less milk, she ate more and vice versa, so its good you are offering lots of milk and diverse foods.

The reason I asked about the sleeping is that when I wasn't feeding dd enough, she woke up ultra early... thinking about it this was a bit later on though.

Caz10 Sun 06-Jul-08 12:29:32

oh keep these schedules coming please, they are wonderfully helpful, i am so confused about this (dd 7mths)

those of you who have "times" do you stick rigidly to them? eg if tea is at 4pm or whatever and you happen to be out then, do you head for home?

Absofruitly Sun 06-Jul-08 16:30:16

My DS will be 7 mo tomorrow so a bit younger than yours so not sure if his schedule will be particularly helpful. Also, he is still waking in the wee small hours for milk so probably not ideal. Most days pan out as:

6am milk (BF)
8 breakfast (porridge and fruit puree & water)
9:30 milk
12 milk
1pm lunch (pureed veggies/rice/chicken & water)
3:30 milk
6 dinner (same as lunch, with fruit for dessert)
7:30 milk
3/4 am milk

He doesn't drink much of the water with his meals, it's more just to get him used to the sucky cup.

I should probably drop one of those morning feeds soon, but because they coincide with his naps, which tend to be v. short (20-30 mins), I am loathe to do so.

We're starting finger foods tomorrow, so that should be a new adventure!

fourlittlefeet Sun 06-Jul-08 17:31:31

7 months

1.00 feed
7.30 feed
8.30 wake/wash/nappy
9.00 breakfast/dress
10.45 feed
11.00 sleep
12.30 lunch
2.00 feed
3.00 sleep
4.00 feed
6.00 supper
7.00 bath/massage/story
7.15 feed
7. 30 sleep

this is from my chart blush at 7 months. did try pretty much keep to times as if I did she was like clockwork with sleep times which was wonderful! She always liked a snack/milk before snoozes/sleep. Feeds are BF by the way. Meals would only be a few bits of butternut squash/sweet potato/bits of pear etc. as I blw. (did spoonfeed porridge however!)

fourlittlefeet Sun 06-Jul-08 17:33:32

by the way I made porridge with water and at the end stirred in freshly grated apple. never ever used formula with dd and was NOT going to pump for just the porridge! She has it with milk now, but still adores it.

pinata Sun 06-Jul-08 20:44:37

i don't stick rigidly to the schedule - am led by when she's hungry, which is usually around the times i've put.

if we're out, i tend to plan it so we're not travelling when i know she's due to be fed. or if we are, that it's not me driving

Katflowers Thu 10-Jul-08 20:59:40

Sorry - moved house and lost our phone line!

DD still feeds usually once if not twice at night. She has slept through only 4 times!

Her feed times are really rigid since I have two other children who finish at 1 and 3.40.

I feel happier reading everyones schedules - I don't think I'll worry about the huge amount of milk for the moment.

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