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Nice, pref organic baby food with meat/fish in -- where from?

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MegBusset Sat 05-Jan-08 23:12:39

DS is 10mo and eating pretty well (mix of mashed and finger food), we are vegetarian and so up til now he hasn't had any fish or meat.

However, we have just found out he is allergic to lentils and may be to other legumes (chick peas, soya etc), plus he has a cows' milk allergy, so I'm just not sure a veggie diet is going to give him enough protein.

I have no problem with him eating meat/fish if he needs the nutrition but just can't bring myself to buy it and prepare at home for him (I've been veggie so many years I wouldn't even know how).

So... does anyone have suggestions for decent, pref organic baby food that I can buy. I have had a look at your Heinz, Cow & Gate etc and they all look a bit rank, plus many of them have milk/cream in which he is allergic to. Plum Baby look nice but only have two meat recipes and one of those has beans in which he may be allergic to.

PortAndLemonaid Sat 05-Jan-08 23:30:16

[ Babylicious / Kiddylicious] are good -- obviously you'd need to check the ingredients list (available online) for things he's allergic to but several dishes are dairy and legume-free.

MrsBadger Sat 05-Jan-08 23:30:19

Babylicious - much nicer than jarred

tutu100 Sat 05-Jan-08 23:32:23

My ds really liked Hipp baby food. Although again you would have to check the contents to see what was suitable for him, but IIRC alot of their jars are dairy free, gluten free and soya free.

PortAndLemonaid Sat 05-Jan-08 23:32:27

Sorry, that should be Babylicious / Kiddylicious.

They have a specific page on allergenic information, too.

PortAndLemonaid Sat 05-Jan-08 23:38:25

Little Dish do main meals now too -- haven't tried them but their fromage frais is good smile. They have information on ingredients online, as well.

PortAndLemonaid Sat 05-Jan-08 23:39:28

Those are for 12 months plus, by the way (although DS was eating 12 months plus stuff by 9/10 months, where the age recommendation was down to lumps rather than ingredients).

dingdong05 Sat 05-Jan-08 23:43:12

Organix are quite god- though you'll obv have to check ingred for problems
Poor thing, and poor you, it's hard enough balancing their diets without having to avoid massive food groups
all the best

MegBusset Sun 06-Jan-08 09:43:59

Thanks -- those Babylicious ones look nice, will see if my local Waitrose stocks 'em.

colditz Sun 06-Jan-08 09:45:47

What about eggs? Don't know how you would feel about tinned tuna (open and serve) or mackerel.

colditz Sun 06-Jan-08 09:46:29

It all sounds very tiresome for you.

MegBusset Sun 06-Jan-08 09:50:03

It is a bit of a pita if I'm honest! Hopefully we can get allergy-tested (have a paed appt in Feb) and know what he can and can't have for sure.

I have been cautious with egg, he has had some yolk and seemed OK with it but I'm nervous given his other allergies and eczema.

I thought tinned tuna wasn't terribly nutritious compared with fresh fish? I also considered sardines on toast (used to love it when I was a kid) but it all seems to have added salt...

colditz Sun 06-Jan-08 10:02:17

I was thinking more from the protein angle with the tuna - it is chocka with protein.

scroll down - sardines in spring water

popmum Sun 06-Jan-08 10:15:06

babylicious is def available from waitrose and ocado have a pretty good range online. It is lovely stuff, comes in little cubes (frozen) so you can just pop ou what you want and leave teh rest to another day

NikkiPink Tue 07-Jun-11 17:23:52

Has anyone tried the older kidilicious meals, i have a 2 year old and sometimes nead a quick meal to hand for her dad if i'm not home in time from work?

ihearttc Tue 07-Jun-11 17:41:45

There are actually 4 Plum ones with meat/fish in-there's red cabbage with apple & chicken,french bean with beef and apple (which I think is the one you meant),sweet potato with lamb and carrot and salmon with spinach and parsnip.

I really don't do fish which is why I got the fish one initially because I wanted DS2 to taste it without me having to cook it and he really likes it. Haven't tried the other ones yet but they all look quite nice...they also do some Plum ones in pouches which have got meat in them as well. There's a Beef one with tomato I think but can't remember the exact ingredients.

Just thought Id let you know in case you hadn't seen them anywhere...we got them in Boots.

Imabee Tue 07-Jun-11 17:48:18

sorry? - can't <bring yourself> to cook meat for your child???

TittyBojangles Tue 07-Jun-11 18:15:16

old thread

ihearttc Tue 07-Jun-11 19:17:59

oops sorry i didn't even look at the date when i replied.

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