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Weaning- Can I freeze tinned peaches

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morningmayhem Sun 17-Oct-04 09:02:56

I have just made an apple and peach puree using tinned peaches and i've made too much can I freeze it for my 9 month old? I'm not too sure about the tinned peaches. I can't seem to think why not, but thought i'd check with you guys. Thanks

SoupDragon Sun 17-Oct-04 09:59:00

I can't think of a reason why not. Maybe someone else knows for sure...

JanH Sun 17-Oct-04 10:51:08

I used to do it - in an ice cube tray - never had any problems!

morningmayhem Sun 17-Oct-04 11:05:01

Thankyou, off to the freezer it goes then!

Branster Sun 17-Oct-04 11:56:40

i don't see why you couldn't but... i think tinned fruit is pretty much deprived of most of its vitamins already so apart from fibre there's not much left in there

hercules Sun 17-Oct-04 12:26:03

I though tinned fruit was virtually as good as fresh for goodness bearing in mind "fresh" from supermarkets is rarely "fresh" anyway!

tassis Sun 17-Oct-04 17:20:31

I was under the impression that tinned fruit was every bit as nutritious as fresh. But I could be wrong...

I certainly fed ds pureed tinned fruit (and I froze it) for months and months.

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