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feeding thru out the night at 20 months old

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clearpebble Thu 04-Oct-07 02:58:07

i need help. my 20 month old son still cries for milk (formula) every 3 hours throughout the night. he has his bottle first thing in the morning and twice at 3pm and before bed. 2 to 3 proper meals everyday and snacks in between- and yet he still doesn't seem to get enough at night. he usually only takes about 2-3 ounces at any one time. anyone?

OverRated Thu 04-Oct-07 03:28:00

No idea but you have my sympathy. At 18 months, DS was still breastfeeding every hour or two day and night. He obviously didn't need to eat that often but he wanted to and, at night, it was just easier to give in than to fight it... sorry I can't be more help.

Egypt Thu 04-Oct-07 06:34:28

you have my sympathies too. i can't be of much help either, but it's definitely not due to hunger. it's a sleep association problem. he's learnt to need milk before sleep. my dd is the same, now 3! although wakes usually once in the night, but wants some milk to go back to sleep. it's a comfort to her and i don't mind, it's not so bad. but with your ds, it sounds knackering!

google elizabeth pantley's no cry sleep solution for a pleasant way to teach him to fall asleep without the milk. she has some excerpts of her book on her website. unless you do cc, which is not nice, imo.

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