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syed Tue 02-Oct-07 22:30:31

Hello just wondering if anyone has any tips for me, I've just started to wean my son who will turn 6mths next week. I heard it's best to make the meals up fresh any suggestions on what to make and how. Thanks

Coolmama Wed 03-Oct-07 06:05:22

I just started with some steamed carrot and then pureed it.
Most steamed soft veg like carrot, swede and parsnip will go down well and then you can move onto some soft steamed fruit like pears etc. Baby rice can be used to thicken things a bit if it looks to watery.
If you are looking for a book, then Annabel Karmel (although she is not very popular on here) has some good suggestions and meal planners in her books, so go and have a browse in the bookshop. HTH

slim22 Wed 03-Oct-07 06:17:18

How can this be? mumsnetters still giving purees????grin

Time to switch to Aitch's baby lead weaning website........

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