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please help with meal times / milk times & intake???

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choolie Thu 27-Sep-07 21:43:31

DS is 7mo. He started on baby rice around 22wks, then progressed to veg & fruit purees. He was really keen at first, but now isn't that interested and my HV is telling me I should be giving him more food, proteins etc. I can barely get him to eat a couple of spoons at each meal these days. I'm still BF and he hasn't yet dropped the night feeds (which I'm working on) so I'm concerned that he's getting too much milk and that's why he's not interested in food.

I know he still mainly needs milk till 12mo, so don't need to drop the milk too drastically, but I'm really reluctant to drop his milk feeds in the day as I'm worried he'll just up the already exhausting night feeds.
BF: - 7am, 9.30, 12.30, 6.30, betw. 9 - 10.30pm, then a couple at night e.g. 12.30, 3.30am.
I offer meals 8.30am, 12pm, 4pm. I do offer a variety of fruit and veg, have tried chicken casserole purees, (have AK recipe books!) baby rice, rusks, yogurt etc. etc. he has gagged and vomited when i've offered finger foods, so I'm sticking to the mashed stuff for now.

I'd be really grateful if anybody could offer advice on increasing his interest in food, whilst ensuring he still gets his milk. should I go back to two meals a day instead of three? if so which one do I drop??? Which milk feeds should i try and drop? Any thoughts on changing the timings of BF / meals? TIA

MegBusset Fri 28-Sep-07 10:31:39

Hi Choolie, no answers but will watch this thread with interest as I am having similar issues!

My DS is 7mo too and roughly feeds as follows...

7am BF
8am breakfast
10am BF
12 lunch
2pm BF
5pm tea then BF
7pm BF

plus up to 3 feeds at night!

He takes a mouthful or two of food then loses interest (unless it's banana) although he hasn't outright rejected anything. Likes sucking rice cakes/toast but can't do much finger food as he has to eat wearing gloves (severe eczema on hands that goes mad if food gets onto it). I am hoping that he will just get more into food as time goes on, so am still introducing new flavours every day or so.

mykidsmylife Fri 28-Sep-07 11:40:14

Hi Choolie, Hope this helps.
I have suffered with eczema all my life, I have three children 11,5, and 2 years.(god help me). I breastfed all 3 for two years,
being fearful of the eczema I was reluctant to try much but found that they were all very fussy to begin with. I opted for the Farleys range of food (trying to avoid wheat and gluten). Our food was also offered
but if refused took to Farleys. Just to get them to eat something. Over time it has worked, they have no eczema and are such good healthy eaters will try anything. Something that came with experience for me was not to let them pick up on your worries just try if they don't want don't persue. As for the bf it will stop when either he or you have had enough. For the eczema I do suggest taking away all wheat and gluten it really makes a difference. You should notice it in 2-3 weeks. Then start introducing wheat and gluten one thing at a time. Only one every week as it may not show signs for a couple of days.Beware wheat and gluten is rife its in at least 70% of food.
Hope this helps.
Good luck

choolie Fri 28-Sep-07 17:17:40

thanks very much. I read back through the other messages on here too, and the consensus seems to be relax and don't worry too much as you say. we went down to 2 meals today, 11.30 and 4pm and he refused the purees but was happy with baby rice & rice pudding, so I guess I'll just up these and slowly start adding a bit more puree to them a few days at a time.

Meg, if you find things improve, let us know how it goes! good luck, cheers.

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