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How do i cut my baby milk down?

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wheezie Wed 26-Sep-07 09:54:13

My baby is coming up to 8 months now. he was exclusively breast fed till 5 months and now happily eats 3 meals a day and takes water from a cup. he has never had a bottle or any formula. in a month i want to return to work 1 day a week just from 9.30-4. i am planning on getting a nanny for the day. am so worried though and thinking of not returning as he so dependent on me. cannot sleep at all unless he had milk and will scream and scream if not. at my wits end with him. i jsut dont know if he will ever cut down on milk from me although i think a lot for comfort. even harder is hsi brother at his age was left from 7-5 and fine at same age. was even thinking of asking nanny to come meet me with him at lunch so i can feed him. have never expressed and really dont want to start but i think its the comfort he likes. any suggesdtions how to crack this???

choolie Thu 27-Sep-07 21:24:53

Hi Wheezie, I don't have an answer to this, but maybe some of the BF experts on the breast and bottle feeding link might be able to help if you post it there, seeing as it's more the BF that's the issue?
My DS is 7mo and a similar position with his sleeps - he won't nap in the day unless in my arms feeding, I'm dreading going back to work myself, due Jan, so I know how you feel! sorry no answer, but good luck.

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