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Three sleepless nights of trumping– please help!!!

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AnnieGetYourGun78 Tue 25-Sep-07 09:57:12

Two weeks ago I started following the Annabel karmel planner to introduce solids to my exclusively Breast feed baby. So he has had a bit of rice, veg and fruit – one meal a day a couple of tea spoons. He also had a few sips of water with each meal.

To begin with he went six days without a poo and then when it came it was something else! At least half a pint of mouse like poo, creeping out like lava flow. That was last Thursday and he has not been since then (five days).

Also this week he seems to have extremely excessive wind, trumping at least 40, 50 times a day. The past three nights he has been waking every half an hour, clearly in a lot of discomfort, trumping and crying…then he will not go back down in the cot and will only sleep whilst being cuddled.

Has anyone any experience of this?
Does he need to go through this going from exclusively BF to solids aka a period of adjustment, or have I introduced solids too early? (he is five and a half months). If so what shall I do? Stop the food and increase the breast feeds? Or carry on and hope it passes?

I should also had that he has started with eczema at around the same time which i know wiffs of food intolerances but he has not had any of the 'controversial food' or any formula.

He is normally such a happy baby….it is breaking my heart to see him so fretful all day and so upset at night….have I broken him?

Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated…especially if it comes before I start crying!!

AnnieGetYourGun78 Tue 25-Sep-07 11:52:52

Resolved already!!!

DS has an ear infection which is making him grouchy and resulting in gastrointestinal upset!!!

The doc also reckons the mega poo he first did when going onto solids may take some recovering from but it was something he would have to go through....poor mite!

Anyway hopefully he will be right as rain when the antibiotics set in!!

binkleandflip Tue 25-Sep-07 11:54:47

Hope your boy feels better

but LOL at the thread title - that has really tickled me grin

gerbo Tue 25-Sep-07 18:09:02

Gosh - my dd is slightly younger and I was about to start her on AK too - bit nervous now. How is he doing?????

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