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SO, am I doing this BLW thing right with regards to BF?

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Egypt Sat 22-Sep-07 02:27:56

DD is coming up to 6 months and has started joining in a few meals - basically throwing food around, you know, but enjoying herself! I BF her except one ff a day (for the bottle acceptance thingy)...anyway, what I want to check is that I should continue to bf her as normal - NOT cut down and feed her BEFORE meals?
Normal bf in our house means whenever she wants it by the way. We live in hot and humid Singapore so many of her feeds are a quick thirst quench. Do I just chill and go with the flow or try to set up some feeding times?

berolina Sat 22-Sep-07 05:27:32

Yes, bf as normal, don't cut down. Go with the flow. Just offer her food at your mealtimes. It might take time (and we might be talking months) but it will fall into place (IME). Food is for fun etc. etc. wink

munz Sat 22-Sep-07 07:48:13

agree, althou one point my HV said once DS was having a savoury and a sweet at the same meal to stop the BF bit and give water instead.

Egypt Sat 22-Sep-07 08:20:57

thanks. not sure what your hv meant though. as dd had carrot and mango in the same 'meal' already! does she mean once they are eating a main and a dessert?

i shall carry on bf as normal and wait for the miraculous time when she weans herself off.

at what age do they just have milk at morning and nights. blimey, i really can't remember with dd1

munz Sat 22-Sep-07 14:24:10

think so yes (that's how I did it anyhow )

erm milk night and day - tbh DS still has an afternoon bottle on occassion at 19 month sblush bad mummy alert! lol.

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