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snoozer Thu 20-Sep-07 10:16:15

at what age can you put food in a bowl in front of db and expect that the bowl will not be IMMEDIATELY chucked on the floor?

Seona1973 Thu 20-Sep-07 10:17:45

I use the magic gripper mat and stick the bowl onto that and ds (11months) doesnt fling it away. I know the gripper mats dont seem well received on here but they work for us.

snoozer Thu 20-Sep-07 11:21:27

what do you stick it to? I've tried it on wood table and plastic high chair tray but my 8.5 mo pulls it off.

callmeovercautious Thu 20-Sep-07 11:25:37

DD is 12m and eats mostly finger food but she still tips the bowl over if I don't hold on! Plates are better but when she starts to get bored she will trow that too.

The grippers help but come off at random intervals and she has always been strong enough to pull it off so I have kind of given up.

PrettyCandles Thu 20-Sep-07 11:30:22

Grippers, suckers, sticky mats, etc have never been any good with any of my three. If anything, the fact that the bowl or plate resists them is even more of a challenge! Once they're more interested in eating than in exploring, then these gadgets can be helpful. Ds2 is 11m and still gets his food either given directly to him or a few bits placed on the highchair tray. Ds1 and dd were well over 12m before they could reliably be given a dish with more than 1/4 of the meal on it at any time.

Aitch Thu 20-Sep-07 12:02:10

agree with prettycandles, after a while you'll see that it's just more stuff to wash and stick things on the table directly... wink

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