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weaning 8mth old, what to try next after chicken and lamb?

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alibo Wed 06-Oct-04 10:21:22

ds has so far taken, (eventually!) ok to eating chicken or lamb casserole for lunch. Am unsure what to try next to give him some variety. btw, am avoiding fish, wheat , dairy for a while due to dh's allergies. Don't know where to go from here?

alibo Wed 06-Oct-04 10:22:10

Ghosty are you around, you have given me good advice before??

zubb Wed 06-Oct-04 10:57:10

you can get rice pasta in waitrose I think, so could do loads of pasta sauces, mince based / veg based etc. There are still loads of veg dishes that you can make - both my kids loved sweet potato with anything at that age.
How about lentil casserole as thats good for protein.
And if he likes chicken then you could do other dishes rather than casserole - just puree some cooked chicken with vegetables.

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