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Started weaning and cutting back on milk (bf)

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silverfrog Tue 11-Sep-07 09:41:30

I've posted this in bf section too, but it just occurred to me that people here may be able to help too...

Dd2 is 7 months old and bf. HAve been weaning for the last few weeks (mixture of pureed stuff and finger foods) and she seems to be really cutting back on bf and looking for more food.

I always offer milk first, and she drinks what she wants before coming off herself, but seems to have drastically reduced her times on the breast almost overnight. She has also over the last couple of nights all but stopped having a dream feed (which I saw as a good feed to "up"her milk quota at) but is still sleeping through so I guess she reckons she's had enough.

I know that logically I should be happy that she has got herself this far by knowing how much milk she wants, but she is a small baby, with already slow weight gain (although very happy, alert etc so no real worries about that). I suppose I am just conscious of the "milk has more calories than food" thing, and am a little worried that she is getting her balance wrong, but don't know how I can guage how much milk she is taking (dd1 was mix fed by this stage, so could at least know when her milk intake was wavering)

So, I guess my question is, how do I know my totally bf baby is getting enough milk? (funny that, it's the same question I had 6 months ago! )

Jojay Tue 11-Sep-07 23:12:21

The short answer is that no, you can't guage how much milk a bfed baby is taking.

If she is healthy and gaining weight in a way that is right for her ( ie continuing on the centile she has been on) then she is doing fine.

Keep an eye on her weight gain if you are worried, and add dairy products into her diet ( she is allowed cows milk now, at her age, in food or on cereal, unless you know of a reason not to)

Be guided by her and go with the flow, unless her weight gain slows. You are doing everything right by offering her milk first, but you can't force her to take it!!

Also remember that the whole ' milk has more calories than food' thing applies in the early days when they eat mostly fruit, veg and baby rice. Once they are onto proper food, that might include meat, creamy sauces, pasta etc, then this becomes much less of an issue.

bramblina Tue 11-Sep-07 23:24:21

I'd say you're doing fab and couldn't do any more! Stick with it, milk first and be led by her. And well done!

moondog Tue 11-Sep-07 23:25:33

Don't worry about it.
It's pointless.
Stick her on when she seems to need a feed and invest your energy into something else. smile

silverfrog Wed 12-Sep-07 08:43:47

Thanks for the support.

I know I shouldn't worry, but I do (just a little)

I'm holding off cow's milk for a bit as her sister is intolerant, and the alternatives (rice milk, soya etc) aren't calorific either!

I am also looking at this from dd1's perspective, and she went totally off drinking once food was involved. She's ASD and still won't drink (she's 3 now) and it's a total nightmre.

Of course no reason to suspect this will happen with dd2 as well, but, well, I'm a mum, it's my job to worry grin

Still. we'll carry on, and see where we get to. dd2 has done well by knowing her own mind so far.

Thanks again

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