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Finally stopped long until milk dries up?

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mac12 Wed 05-Sep-07 19:40:04

I did the last breast feed last Thursday (quite an emotional moment, at least for me). I thought I'd weaned DD gradually over the course of a couple of months and my breasts had been reducing from their previously Jordanesque-size to something rather more discreet. But now my breasts are engorged, lumpy and hard and very very sore and tender. Is this normal? does this last long?

sexilexi Thu 06-Sep-07 17:12:34

I stopped at the same time and my breasts are exactly the same. I asked my doctor pal and she said go to the docs if they don't get better over the weekend. She said if they're both the same it's likely to just be the wind down from feeding, not mastitis or anything. i know what you mean about the emotional thing, it really hit me unexpectedly hard, nice that these hard boobs keep reminding me

mac12 Thu 06-Sep-07 20:14:51

I couldn't bear it last night and expressed some off, oh the relief! They seem slightly better today but they've also started leaking (rarely did this even in full throes of brestfeeding), which took me by surprise -had to keep jacket on despite hot dayto hide the wet patches! Hope you feel better too, both physically and emotionally - I keep reminiscing about when she was a little baby and we were learning the ropes together...

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