14 month old won't eat homemade food

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Lottiebugz22 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:28:10

I started weaning her at 6 months and she didn't take to food till 10 months old and she's been extremely picky with her food. She would only eat certain things. My health visitor said to keep introducing new foods which I did but it got to the point where she would not eat a single thing a day so the advice I was given was to give her what she liked which I have done ever since whilst offering other foods.
She will eat heinz jars and meals, cheese, fruit pouches, full bananas, bread and yoghurts. I don't think that's a bad diet on the whole but I would like her to eat more vegetables and try homemade meals with us but she doesn't seem to want them? Should I be worried about her diet?

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Emmajones2517 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:43:39

Don’t be worried she will get there and her diet sounds quite good and healthy. My little one was also quite fussy around the same age and I did homemade food for him but added lots of carrot and parsnip to meals as the little ones love the sweetness but still healthy. Id mix it with the meal and blitz it and he would eat the lot but until I tried that like your little one he would only eat fruit or jar food. Also when cooking veg and things once cooked and very soft just place it on your child’s high chair and see if curiosity gets the better may just try it and love it

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