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Wuzzle85 Mon 17-Feb-20 21:42:34

Hi all. I am trying to prepare for when my LO is ready to wean. It is a month or two away yet but I want to be prepared due to the feeding issues we had which left me feeling pretty low. I have read a bit about baby led versus purées and will likely do a mix if that makes sense (if that isn’t possible then I’m grateful for the advice). I know there is heaps of stuff out there online but I’d like to have a book to refer to as I find that easiest so any recommendations gratefully welcomed. TIA.

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byvirtue Mon 17-Feb-20 21:58:28

I really liked “the baby led weaning cookbook” I was working (and doing full time childcare) so didn’t have time to make purées but would make things from that book for both of us.

Weaning is a long process, just give them bits and pieces to try and work your way up to “meals” keep reintroducing whatever it was they rejected early on. I had all the books, Annabel Karmel, Holly Willoughby, Ella’s Kitchen read them all but never used in practice.

Wuzzle85 Tue 18-Feb-20 07:33:30

@byvirtue hanks. I am lucky that I’m taking the full year of mat leave so planning to make some home made things as I enjoy cooking. Did it explain how to approach blw- I really want to give this a go as I’ve heard it can reduce fussiness. I’m a fussy eater so keen to try and avoid this with my LO.

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byvirtue Tue 18-Feb-20 08:31:29

Yes it does the first 48 pages tell you how to do it and what to avoid.

It sounds really daunting at first but it’s really very simple once you get going. The only “purée” my daughter had was mash potato, she is 18 months and eats whatever we have so feeding her is really easy.

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