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Baby rice=problems sleeping??

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geordiemacminx Tue 04-Sep-07 08:39:38

Not sure where to post this but will try here first.

My nearly 5mo ds is bf during the day, with a ff at around 7pm before he goes to bed at 8pm. Usually he sleeps from 8 til 5am or thereabouts, and has done since around 8 weeks.

2 nights ago I decided to try him with some baby rice for his tea (5pm ish) he then had a bf around 6, and his bottle at 7.30b as per normal. Unfortunately he woke at 1am, fed for well over an hour and then decieded he was WIDE awake and it was play time. Dp eventually took him down stairs, as he was keeping us both awake,he took a full bottle and eventually he fell asleep around 5am....

Same thing happened last night, different rice, still woke at 1am, fed on and off til 3am (I take him into spare bed), went downstairs with dp, had 7oz then fell asleep just after 5....

Is it the baby rice? Is he going through a growth spurt or do I just have crap milk at the moment?

JodieG1 Tue 04-Sep-07 08:41:22

I wouldn't bother giving him any rice for at least another few weeks and then I'd go with BLW as it's easier to see whether they're really ready for solids or not that way. If they're not ready then they won't be able to actually eat anything anyway.

I don't think there's anything wrong with your milk, probably a growth spurt.

geordiemacminx Tue 04-Sep-07 08:46:30

had alway intended to go with BLW as it seems to make so much sense, just thought a bit of baby rice might fill him up a bit more as there have been a few times he has still been hungry after a full bottle.... will give the rice a miss though. Its hit us particulary hard as we have been used to a full nights sleep for the past 3 months... I feel like I have been hit by a trin this morning... hmm

JodieG1 Tue 04-Sep-07 09:53:39

The rice will fill his stomach but not give him the same calories as milk will so he'll actually need more food/milk. If he's still hungry after milk then feed him some more as it could just be a growth spurt.

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