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In need of encouragement... weaning is getting me down

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suis Tue 04-Sep-07 00:07:31

DS is 6.5 months and been on solids for a little over a month. We are doing a mix of BLW and purees. I would have gone for all BLW, but he's nearly 22lbs already and I couldn't keep up with just bfing him. He still feeds about 9 times a day as it is.

He loves his food and has been hoovering it up since the day we started. The only thing he hasn't liked so far was asparagus, and that's forgivable I think. DS is great at grabbing his spoon to feed himself, and picks up his finger food to get it as well

The only problem is the damn mess... After every meal my kitchen looks like a disaster area.. NO combination of bibs and covers seems to stop everything that he and I are wearing from getting covered, and several of his vests and tops are now totally ruined. He's going through 3-4 outfits a day, as am I. And cleaning up the partly chewed spat out food from the highchair is making me heave everytime I go near it. This is not helped by having a M&Ps Prima Pappa.. thank fully it was a secnd hand gift because if I had spent the money on it I would be v unhappy. It's impossible to clean the thing and I have to scrub everytime or flies start to get at the bits of food that I can't reach. (MN recommended ikea antilop on it's way)

I not a very domestic person at the best of time (I programme computers but I don't really cook and I loathe the necessity of cleaning) and I find myself dreading mealtimes coming around because it'll just start all over with having to deal with bits of sticky nasty stuff everywhere.

I have no problem with the foulest of nappies, but scraping premasticated rusk off my jeans, my walls, my floor, DS's hair, eyes, ears and esp the narrow gaps in the highchair, just turns my stomach over.

Sorry for the long winge... I just wish DS would like to get the food into mouth and stay there thing going sooner over later... but from what I am told this stage lasts some time.

LaDiDaDi Tue 04-Sep-07 00:15:18

I've got no advice other than that I felt exactly the same way when I weaned dd BLW at 6 months. I found it the hardest part of my mat leave. I felt like I'd just cleaned up from one meal when it was time to start again and going out had changed from feeling able to feed her anywhere to not wanting to have to feed her whilst out at all!

It has passed, thankfully!

DD is now 16 months and stuff only gets on the floor if she really, really doesn't want it! Much less messy and much happier mummy.

Aitch Tue 04-Sep-07 00:21:16

the antilop will help, i promise. those prima pappas are a disaster area for BLW from what i understand.
also, if it's remotely warm where you are at the moment, can i suggest stripping him down before you feed him? we started weaning last July, thank god. (and was over fairly soon, also thank god.) she's now 20 months and hardly ever drops anything.
someone on here recommended wearing bibs inside-out, so that the plastic backing is facing forward, which i thought was a good idea, and pelican bibs are good too. dd used to wear both, in her day. smile

bookthief Tue 04-Sep-07 00:24:57

The antilop has saved my sanity. It truly is a wonderful thing (from a wipe-clean quickly point of view). It took me about 45 minutes to get my other high-chair clean to the point where I could banish it forever to the cupboard.

Hurrah for extruded white plastic!

LaDiDaDi Tue 04-Sep-07 00:25:51

Oh yes. DD still rarely eats with her clothes on apart from breakfast which she is allowed to eat in her sleepsuit. Otherwise it's a vest at most.

bookthief Tue 04-Sep-07 00:30:50

Naked feeding v good and then straight into the bath if required.

Tommee Tippee do a soft plastic pelican bib which is good as you can fold it up for taking out with you. Dead easy to just bung in the sink with the dishes for washing. Ds now eats about half his meals straight from the bib...

suis Tue 04-Sep-07 01:22:11

Thank you all for the help... naked feeding sounds like a good idea... bringing bath forward to meet feeding sounds good too... as does the roll up pelican bib. We had a particularly nasty trying-to-eat-a-banana-while-out experience today, so that seems a great idea.

Really looking forward to my Antilop now...

Aitch Tue 04-Sep-07 01:23:50

NEVER try to eat a banana while out! or at least not in the buggy. i've never got the stains out of ours, that stuff's lethal. grin

Tapster Tue 04-Sep-07 09:03:38

My DD now about to be 10 months is getting much better and I don't have to change her outfit at every meal. I always give her her breakfast in her vest/sleepsuit. Naked eating good but it hasn't been warm enough. Sending DH off to buy the Antilop as I am sitting here drinking tea instead of cleaning the blasted highchair. Bought a splash mat but decided that was a waste of time as another thing to clean, put a clean tea towel down to catch some of the dropped food.

BLW is messy but it sure beats having to shovel food into your babies mouth. You can just put things on the tray, eat your own food or potter round the kitchen. grin

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