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KaM86 Thu 06-Feb-20 13:00:40

My 8 month old and I are really struggling with progressing with solids. I have been referred to the speech and language team for support but it will take a couple of months to get support. I understand the reasons behind this but I was wondering if anyone had used any private consultants. I don’t know if this sort of person exists but I’m looking for recommendations please.

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Selfsettling3 Thu 06-Feb-20 13:03:11

What is the actual issue? Not swallowing? Are they better or worse with finger foods or purées?

You might also need a referral to a paediatric dietitian.

KaM86 Thu 06-Feb-20 13:25:25

He has no interest in finger foods really. He has only a little interest in purées. He is ok on thinner purées but gags and is sick on thicker ones. I I’ve seen lots of doctors but would like to know what I’m doing is right/what I can change.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 07-Feb-20 17:43:16

My DS was like this and it turned out that he just couldn’t chew due to tongue tie.

Milk Matters have produced this excellent guide to tongue tie. Have a read and see if any of the symptoms sound familiar smile

LeGrandBleu Sun 09-Feb-20 03:54:14

Do you give it with a spoon or a pouch?
Have you tried soups? You can start with very liquid soups and then make them thicker.

Are you giving more vegetables or more fruits? Could it be a matter of taste?

Youhavewonaprize Tue 11-Feb-20 09:37:01

I had a similar problem with my dd but didn’t get referred for any help. She’s frequently gag and vomit up food until she was just over 1 year old. Weaning was no fun for either of us! I think she just had a really sensitive gag reflex (used to vomit stomachfuls of milk on a weekly basis too) that took a long time to calm down. She’s now nearly 3 and eats amazingly. I’m weaning my 7 month old now and he can eat things that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of giving my dd for fear of her being sick!

So my advice is, take it slow, stick to what he can manage and don’t try to force texture if he’s just sick as it’s distressing for both of you. It’s hard when everyone else’s babies are shovelling down beans on toast and yours is on thin purée, but he’ll get there in the end smile

Booboostwo Tue 11-Feb-20 09:50:36

Do you have the contact details of the speech and language team you have been referred to? Can you call and ask if anyone has a private practice? Or google their names and see if a private practice comes up?

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